SMA Smart Connected - Premium monitoring service for reliable system performance

Due to the current situation around COVID-19 our SMA Service response times may be longer than usual.

With the free use of "SMA SMART CONNECTED," you can still ensure that the error events of your SMA inverters will be sent directly to the SMA Contact Center or to the installer. SMA has decided to extend the activation period of SMA SMART CONNECTED to two years after commissioning giving you the opportunity to use SMA SMART CONNECTED for this period.

All you have to do is activate SMA SMART CONNECTED in your Sunny Portal. Instructions for activation can be found here:

Activation of Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS   Activation of Sunny Portal Classic

SMA Smart Connected is a free and automatic fault monitoring service. Developed specially for SMA systems and system components, Smart Connected secures long-term investment and minimal downtime of the system. During service calls, we quickly identify the correct fault diagnosis. This allows installers to provide targeted customer service for the device, in turn saving valuable working time, cutting analysis costs and minimizing system downtime. SMA Smart Connected gives installers and system operators / owners round-the-clock peace of mind.

SMA Smart Connected features at a glance

Benefits for installers

Offer efficient service and benefit from cost advantages

  • Separate, continuous monitoring no longer required
  • Proactive notification in the event of a fault
  • Reduced truck rolls thanks to fault diagnosis delivered in advance

  • Greater customer satisfaction thanks to quick and affordable service
  • Less logistical outlay thanks to automatic device replacement
  • Time saved can be utilized for customer acquisitions

SMA Smart Connected - Vorteile für Installateure

Benefits for System operators / owners and investor

Benefit from a globally unique product service package and enjoy maximum system availability

  • Free, automatic fault monitoring gives you peace of mind and provides optimal support for installers
  • Product faults are identified quickly; fault diagnoses and potential solutions are supplied instantly

  • Rapid troubleshooting by your installer
  • Minimal system downtime thanks to automatic replacement
  • Money-back guarantee if SMA cannot ship the required component or device within the time period agreed upon

SMA Smart Connected - Vorteile für Endkunden

Service costs up to 60 percent lower with SMA Smart Connected

Conventional inverter monitoring
Inverter Monitoring with SMA Smart Connected

Integrated service for ease and comfort

Activation of SMA Smart Connected

Activation of SMA Smart Connected

When registering the system in Sunny Portal, the installer activates SMA Smart Connected and so starts automatic inverter monitoring by SMA. Activation can take place within 2 years after commissioning the Smart Connected enabled product.

Replacement service

Replacement service

If a device or component needs to be replaced, SMA will automatically ship the appropriate product within the delivery period agreed upon after a fault has been diagnosed. Thanks to early notification, the system operator/owner and installer can quickly arrange an appointment for replacing the inverter or affected component as soon as possible.

Automatic inverter monitoring

Automatic inverter monitoring

SMA checks the product for operational anomalies automatically and around the clock. System operators/owners and installers alike benefit here from SMA’s many years of experience.

Performance service

Performance service

System operators/owners can claim compensation from SMA if the replacement device or components are not shipped within the time period agreed upon.

Proactive communication

Proactive communication

Once a fault has been diagnosed and analyzed, SMA informs the system operator/owner and installer immediately by email. This ensures that everyone involved is properly prepared for the troubleshooting process, guaranteeing minimum downtime and reducing the amount of work and costs.

Absolute ease and comfort

Absolute ease and comfort

Thanks to SMA Smart Connected, extended periods of downtime that might otherwise go unnoticed are a thing of the past — a real win-win situation for system operators/owners and installers alike. Automatic, quick and professional.

SMA Smart Connected protects against hidden costs
Comparison of a PV system with and without Smart Connected in Germany

Standard system
without monitoring
SMA Smart
Connected system
Days until fault detection 30* 1
Days until regular operation 7** 5
Travel by installer 2** 1
Lost feed-in energy 466,2 kWh
(37 days x 12,6 kWh/day)
75,6 kWh
(6 days x 12,6 kWh/day)
Lost feed-in tariff 55,01 €
(466,2 kWh x 0.118€/kWh)
8,92 €
(75,6 kWh x 0,118€/kWh)
Increased purchased electricity 199,8 kWh
(37 days x 5,4 kWh/day)
32,4 kWh
(6 days x 5,4 kWh/day)
Additional costs due to purchased electricity 58,94 €
(199,8 kWh x 0.295€/kWh)
9,56 €
(32,4 kWh x 0.295€/kWh)
Additional costs due to system downtime 113,99 € 18,48 €
Total savings thanks to Smart Connected 95,51 €

  • Average, daily nominal PV system power: 18 kWh
  • Self-consumption rate: 30% (5.4 kWh/day)
  • Electricity rate for purchased electricity: €0.295/kWh
  • Feed-in tariff: €0.118/kWh (as of October 2018)
  • Detecting increased electricity costs: 30 days

* The inverter will not start up due to a disturbance on the first day of the billing period. The increased electricity bill alerts the PV system owner to the disturbance only after 30 days.
** The installer must drive to the PV system to identify the cause of the disturbance. The PV system can be repaired only during the second visit with the replacement device procured in the meantime.

The example shown here is for illustrative purposes only and it is based on the assumptions outlined. Changes to these assumptions would change the projected outcome.

Standard system
without monitoring
SMA Smart
Connected system
Days until inverter failure detected 30* 1
Days until restored operation 7** 5
Installer trips to site 2** 1
Lost solarPV energy 703 kWh
(37 days x 19 kWh/day)
114 kWh
(6 days x 19 kWh/day)
Income loss from lost solarPV energy $ 105
(703 kWh x 0.15 $/kWh)
$ 17
(114 kWh x 0.15 $/kWh)
Total savings through SMA Smart Connected $ 88

* The inverter failure gets detected after 30 days.
** The troubleshooting information of SMA Smart Connected saves one installer trip and thereby 2 days until the restored operation.

  • Average daily energy generation 19 kWh
  • Self-consumption ratio of 50% (9.5 kWh)
  • Grid energy rate of $0.15/kWh (2018, USA)
  • Feed-in tariff of $0.15/kWh (*net metering of solar)
  • Other notes:
    • – most up to date lookup of US electric rates
    • This gives generation rate, then add on your distribution rate
    • Take you most recent electric bill $cost and divide by total kW-hours to get how much you pay per kW-hour.
    • US Energy Info Admin


  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Japan

  • Canada
  • Luxembourg
  • The Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • USA

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Terms and conditions

  • SMA Smart Connected must be activated within 2 years of commissioning.
  • SMA Smart Connected operates exclusively under a valid warranty (factory warranty and extended warranty).
  • The Smart Connected enabled Product must be connected to Sunny Portal.
  • Complete terms and conditions can be found at.

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