SMA Solar Technology AG


Quality pays off

Safety and quality are non-negotiable for SMA because in the end, exactly these factors guarantee maximum and sustainable efficiency of PV systems in all application areas and sizes for years.

Therefore, at SMA, quality starts with the product engineering process. Feedback from our service employees and customers on previous models, such as field data from users and findings from production lines and requalification, is incorporated into the development of new products.

Put through their paces in SMA's test center

Extensive tests during the development phases, field experiments before series launch and supporting quality controls during production are all parts of our rigorous quality assurance process. We carry out thorough quality inspections at our certified test centers and on our PV systems. Our trained engineers and technicians simulate different environmental and connection conditions, subject the devices to artificial aging processes and test their electromagnetic compatibility. This allows us to guarantee not only the high quality of our products and solutions, but also compliance with all international standards.

Our quality management is certified in accordance with the internationally recognized DIN ISO 9001 standard and is constantly evolving.