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The platform for energy data

Potential benefits of data from PV systems for improved integration of solar energy in utility grids and markets

The energy supply of the future

The energy supply of the future is digital, decentralized and renewable. Instead of a small number of centralized large-scale PV power plants, increasing numbers of decentralized, renewable energy sources are feeding power into the utility grids. This development creates new challenges for grid operators, energy traders and marketers. Precise projections and forecasts regarding grid feed-in and consumption are therefore becoming increasingly important for reliable grid integration, needs-based grid expansion planning and marketing of electricity from renewable energies - especially in the light of rising self-consumption and the use of battery-storage systems.

The professionally prepared data from SMA Energy Data Services represents an ideal solution here. Worldwide, more than 900,000 PV systems* of all sizes send data from low and medium voltage to our Sunny Portal online monitoring portal via SMA inverters. On that basis, we can provide comprehensive, current PV system and grid status data for many countries, control areas and markets.

*Updated: 04-01-2022


High-resolution data supports the digitalization of the energy industry

SMA Energy Data Services

With SMA Energy Data Services, data from the world's largest platform for energy data is at your disposal. In the successful SMA monitoring portal Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, data is professionally collected, analyzed and archived - in compliance with the highest security and data privacy standards, of course. Our platform is hosted in Germany.

  • Generation, consumption and grid status data from more than 900,000* PV systems worldwide
  • Five-minute update cycle - or faster if required
  • Continuous transmission of PV system data: production, self-consumption, battery charge, grid feed-in and purchased electricity, etc.
  • Continuous transmission of grid status data, electric current, voltage, phase angle, etc.
  • Representative and robust data quality
  • High-resolution data for high-accuracy projections, forecasts and grid status assessment
  • Precise data delivery with a geographically fine resolution, e.g. according to postcodes, grid points, etc.

*Updated: 04-01-2022


Geographical distribution of measuring points, using Germany as an example.

Better and profitable grid integration

  • Projections and forecasts to help you plan PV power more effectively
  • Marketing of renewable energy
  • Reduced need for expensive operating reserves
  • Congestion management
  • Feed-in management validation
  • Energy efficiency calculation
  • Asset management

Efficient grid planning and calculation

  • Grid planning optimization
  • Reference systems as part of Redispatch 2.0
  • Congestion management
  • Grid status monitoring for low and medium voltage
  • Projections and forecasts to help you plan PV power more effectively
  • Energy efficiency calculation, taking into account self-consumption by PV prosumers

This is how your company can benefit from SMA Energy Data Services