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Group Compliance

Group Compliance

Compliance at SMA

Compliance is more than simply observing legal requirements. It is about creating a culture of trust and integrity, which is crucial to SMA’s continued success.


The goal of Compliance at SMA is to help employees not only act lawfully to prevent harm or damages but also to conduct themselves in line with our corporate culture. Our employees must be able to independently apply their knowledge of the rules and processes to their daily work as well as live by our high standards of professional conduct. To that end, the Compliance Team at SMA has developed and continuously improves the SMA Compliance Management System, consisting of:

  • A group-wide code of conduct binding on all employees,

  • Internal guidelines and processes covering various topics, including anti-corruption (see SMA’s Corruption Prevention Statement) and competition law,

  • Regular awareness training for employees, including face-to-face and virtual courses, and

  • Easily accessible communication tools, including the Compliance Helpline and the SMA Speak-Up Line.

Employee Code of Conduct

The SMA Code of Conduct forms the foundation of SMA’s Compliance Management System. This Code reflects our corporate values and outlines the standards of behavior and professional conduct expected of the Managing Board, our managers as well as every employee.

With this Code, we do not only wish to underline the commitment of the company to fully complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. We also commit ourselves to always conduct our business ethically and in a sustainable manner, assume our corporate responsibility and treat others with respect.


Employee Code of Conduct

Employee Code of Conduct

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Contact and Communication

Communication is key to ensuring effective Compliance. In addition to regular awareness training for employees, the Compliance Team offers both employees and external partners channels to ask questions regarding the SMA Code of Conduct or raise concerns about serious violations of the Code or laws.

If you have such a question or concern, please contact the SMA Compliance Team directly using the contact information to the right.


Compliance Helpline

+49 561 9522 424242

Speak-Up Line

If you do not wish to speak directly with the Compliance Team, you can use the SMA Speak-Up Line to report misconduct or certain risks. The Speak-Up Line is a reporting system accessible per app, web or phone. It is hosted by an external service provider, which offers employees and external parties a secure – also anonymous – channel of communication. A report made through the SMA Speak-Up Line will be forwarded exclusively to the Compliance Team, where it will be handled confidentially and professionally. For more information, please read the SMA Misconduct Reporting Policy.


SMA Misconduct Reporting Policy

SMA Misconduct Reporting Policy

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The Speak-Up Line can be accessed after you have agreed to our Data Protection Notice.