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The digitalization of the energy transition creates great opportunities. Through digital technology, consumers, producers, and the smart grid can be intelligently connected. This enables the balancing of fluctuations in electricity generation from wind and solar energy and other renewable energy sources and the effective use of energy storage systems. Digitalization plays a key role in integrated energy planning. The new functionalities make decentralized supply based on renewable energie possible.

Cybersecurity and data protection are two major challenges in the digitization of energy supply. Over the past decade, threats to IT systems and distributed structures of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have increased significantly. Massive, targeted attacks with a criminal or terrorist background, which can lead to temporary system failures, losses and massive data leaks, manipulation of information and even physical damage to systems, are now almost commonplace.

Energy supply systems are part of the critical infrastructure and thus an attractive target for cyber-attacks. Successful attacks on energy supply systems, warnings from various authorities such as the Federal Office for Information Security illustrate these threats.

As one of the most important market players in photovoltaics and related technologies worldwide, SMA is aware of these risks. We take cybersecurity seriously and SMA products and services are regularly subjected to vulnerability tests by various security researchers. The findings from these tests are used to improve the products, initiate countermeasures, and proactively implement new procedures. Collaboration with independent security researchers is a crucial pillar of continuous development of products and solutions and raising public awareness of cybersecurity.

SMA has an established process for dealing with security vulnerabilities. To report security vulnerabilities, please follow the Responsible Disclosure Policy.

SMA continues to be actively involved in the work of cybersecurity associations and national and international organizations related to the power grid, such as the SunSpec Alliance and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

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