SMA Repowering

Simply MORE potential for commercial PV systems

SMA Repowering: einfach MEHR Potenzial für gewerbliche PV-Anlagen

SMA Repowering: Modernization of commercial PV systems

Modernizing commercial PV systems is a worthwhile endeavor for any power class, with measures, including replacing aged components, adding storage capacity, retrofitting energy management functions and reducing servicing costs over the long term. Commercial system owners benefit from affordable assembly replacement, new devices and digital add-ons. Whatever the situation, with Repowering, you will always receive a five-year factory warranty from SMA.

SMA Repowering: Modernisierung für gewerbliche PV Anlagen

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Energy Management & Storage:

  • Additional storage capacity for your PV system
  • Store power and use it flexibly


  • You boost the connectivity of your PV system
  • Your inverter can easily be monitored and managed


  • You receive a new inverter
  • Five-year warranty


Optimize yields

Secure your yields by modernizing your system - and future-proof your investment in doing so.

Utilize new technologies

System monitoring free of charge and information if service is needed thanks to SMA Smart Connected or security in the event of a power outage with the secure power supply function? Discover the benefits of the new inverters for yourself and make your PV system state of the art by repowering.

Profit from the SMA factory warranty

Once the factory warranty expires, servicing is subject to a fee. You begin to profit from the advantages of the SMA factory warranty again from the day you purchase your new device.

Manage and store energy

Make your system fit for the future and opt for a storage solution from SMA now.

Progressive Repowering

Are you looking to modernize a large, decentralized PV system with numerous inverters from various manufacturers? You can do exactly that with SMA Repowering. Modernize your system with us step by step over the next few years and you can achieve long-term benefits at your own pace.


  • Affordable investment protection
  • Standardized inverters: better compatibility, fewer problems
  • Same inverter type for the entire duration of repowering
  • One-time certification, valid for ten years
Progressive Repowering - SMA Solar Technology AG

Service costs down, yield up.

Repowering objectives:

  • Cut maintenance and installation costs
  • Use existing cabling
  • Reduce high number of inverters from different manufacturers


  • Number of inverters reduced significantly from 59 to 12
  • Increased energy yields
  • Reduction in maintenance and installation costs
  • New SMA factory warranty

Location: Alsberg industrial park, 56477 Rennerod, Germany
System size: 624.53 kWp
Commissioned: 2012
Annual yield: 500,000 kWh
CO2 reduction: 300 tons/year
Planning, consulting and installation by:
proHelios GmbH & Co.KG
Ingenieurbüro Kroboth

Repowering for PV power plants

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, SMA offers solutions for centralized PV systems in the power plant sector. We are happy to assist you personally with this.

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