SMA Energy System Large Scale

Power conversion for hydrogen applications

Power conversion for hydrogen applications

Make your hydrogen production future-proof

Green hydrogen produced by electrolysis and renewable energy is 100 % CO2 free, it can be stored and is key to de-carbonisation.

Highly efficient hydrogen production with proven system technology

Green hydrogen production with SMA Power Conversion Solutions is the key to sustainable energy management of your hydrogen application.

The SMA Electrolyzer Converter comes in a fully integrated, containerized solution incl. medium-voltage transformer and switchgear. This provides highest efficiency on a system level, but also optimizes time and cost for installation.


[Translate to English:] Modulares Design für flexible Projektgrößen

Modular design enables flexible project sizing

[Translate to English:] Niedrige Betriebskosten durch den sehr hohen Wirkungsgrad

Low OPEX due to very high converter and connected transformer efficiency

[Translate to English:] Weltweit erfolgreiche Technologie-Plattform mit >30 GW installierter Leistung

Based on a technology platform with >30 GW global track record

[Translate to English:] Integrierte IGBT-Technologie für hohe Netzverträglichkeit und schlanken Anlagenaufbau ohne zusätzliche Filter oder Kompensationseinheiten

Integrated IGBT technology enables high grid compliance and a lean plant design without additional filters or compensation units


[Translate to English:] Electrolyseur


The broad DC voltage range of the SMA Electrolyzer Converter allows for compatibility with different electrolyzer technologies (Alkaline, PEM, SOEC).

[Translate to English:] SMA Electrolyzer Converter

SMA Electrolyzer Converter

The SMA Electrolyzer Converter converts the alternating current of the grid into electrolyzer-compliant direct current. The IGBT technology minimizes the influence on the grid and does not require any additional filter or compensation systems

[Translate to English:] Medium Voltage Power Station


The MVPS offers a turnkey medium voltage solution, analyzing the degradation of the cells of the electrolyzer and adjusting them automatically. Thus ensuring low-maintenance operation over the entire lifecycle of the electrolyzer.

The system in detail

The SMA Energy System Large Scale converts energy for hydrogen applications.

  • Power Grid

    The power grid provides alternating current (AC).

  • Electrolyzer Converter

    The SMA Electrolyzer Converter converts the alternating current from the power grid into direct current for the electrolyzer.

  • Elektrolyser

    The electrolyser uses direct current and converts water into hydrogen and oxygen via a chemical reaction. The hydrogen can be further compressed to different pressure levels depending on the application.

SMA Electrolyzer Converter

The core of the SMA Energy System Large Scale for hydrogen applications

  • With a capacity of up to 4,6 MW

  • Patented SMA air-cooling system OptiCool

  • Pre-commissioned Plug & Play solution including MV Transformer and switchgear, auxiliary transformer for easy commissioning available

  • Integrated IGBT technology makes harmonic filters or compensation units superfluous

  • Electrolyzer type agnostic (PEM, Alkaline, SOEC)

[Translate to English:] SMA Electrolyzer Converter

Electrolyzer Converter

How it works

      • The utility grid operates with alternating current generated by a PV system or other generating plants. The alternating current flows into the SMA Electrolyzer Converter.

      • The SMA Electrolyzer Converter converts the alternating current into direct current in a way that protects the grid. The electrolyzer then converts the direct current into hydrogen and oxygen in combination with water. The hydrogen can be used as a substance for a variety of applications or stored.

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