Cybersecurity @ SMA

Cybersecurity for SMA Products

To achieve the goal of security-optimized products, we bring together the engineering expertise concentrated at SMA in electrical engineering, software development and cybersecurity – and thus not only comply with internationally recognized standards (such as IEC 62443 or EN 303645), but also shape them.

Cybersecurity Measures at SMA

Ensuring cybersecurity for products has many facets. This includes:

  • secure product development and product care over the entire life cycle,

  • measures to prevent, detect and respond to cyber-attacks, and

  • ensuring the secure operation of your plant.

The most important measures include, among others, ...

Cyber Security - Technical Controls

Technical Controls

  • Up-to-date threat analysis

  • Risk assessments for new products and releases

  • Encrypted data communication

  • Strong password policy

  • Update- and patch-management

  • External (pen-) testing

  • Cybersecurity Monitoring

Cyber Security - Organizational Controls

Organizational Controls

  • Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT)

  • Technical Manager for Cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity Innovation Working Group

  • Collaboration with international organizations as OWASP, SunSpec, ...

  • In-House awareness trainings

Cyber Security - Awareness & Support

Awareness & Support

  • Guidelines for Installers and Operators

  • Cybersecurity trainings

SMA Guidelines for a Secure PV System Communication


SMA Guidelines for a Secure PV System Communication.

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