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The integrated commercial storage solution

SMA Commercial Storage Solution

Energy efficiency and cost savings for companies

The SMA Commercial Storage Solution enables businesses to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their dependency on conventional energy sources. With this solution, businesses can also reduce their energy costs for the long term and regain control of them. 

Integrated storage solution with comprehensive service offering

The commercial storage solution provides comprehensive support throughout the entire product life cycle. From load profile and ROI calculation with Sunny Design and commissioning support right through to certification training for the system and battery – everything comes from a single source. This unique service package is rounded off by a ten-year warranty on the entire system. 


Flexible and suited to expansion thanks to modular components

The modular design of the components makes it easy to design or expand the configuration with a high level of flexibility. The commercial storage system is already fully equipped for battery backup and backup applications* and functions with and without PV. With the integrated system manager, the commissioning and integration of other SMA components such as PV inverters, EV chargers or sensors is child’s play. 

A variety of storage applications for a sustainable energy supply

The integrated energy management makes a variety of storage applications possible. Increased self-consumption and peak load shaving, or even a combination thereof with multi-use: all of this is leading to commercial customers reducing their energy costs permanently and making them easier for companies to control.

* In preparation

SMA Commercial Storage Solution
Scope of the solution - SMA Commercial Storage Solution

Scope of the solution

  • SMA Sunny Tripower Storage X battery inverter (STPS 30-20, STPS 50-20)

  • SMA Commercial Storage (Storage 30-20, Storage 50-20)

  • SMA Commercial Energy Meter

  • Integrated system support thanks to comprehensive SMA service offering 

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 Integrated system support

Integrated system support

  • Sunny Design dimensioning service

  • System and battery training

  • Commissioning assistance 

  • SMA Service for the entire system

  • Ten-year system warranty*

Long service life and investment security

Long service life and investment security

  • High-quality battery cells

  • Up to 8,000 complete charge cycles

Full flexibility

Full flexibility

  • Scalable for AC and storage capacity

  • Can be used with and without PV

  • Battery backup capability

Intelligent energy management

Intelligent energy management

  • Increased self-consumption, peak load shaving

  • Multi-use as combinations of self-consumption maximization and peak load shaving

  • Free monitoring thanks to SMA Sunny Portal

*Only valid once the system has been registered with SMA. Battery: Ten-year capacity guarantee. The SMA Warranty Conditions apply.

The holistic commercial storage solution from SMA

SMA Commercial Storage Solution


With Sunny Design, you can plan your tailor-made PV system in just a few clicks.

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With Sunny Design, you can plan your tailor-made PV system in just a few clicks.

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