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With the new SMA EV Charger Business, a commercial charging infrastructure for single point charging stations or parks with several charging points can be quickly and easily implemented. Each charger features two convenient charging points for electric vehicles including charging cable and type-2 plugs or charging sockets. As part of SMA Energy System Business, SMA EV Charger Business is a fully integrated e-mobility solution that also enables refueling with solar power and can be expanded with SMA’s commercial storage system anytime. Thanks to RFID and OCPP interface, the charger can be flexibly integrated into various charging backends and billing systems. Thanks to the flexible concept, SMA EV Charger Business can either be mounted on the wall or installed as a free-standing charging station.

More benefits

Flexible use - SMA EV Charger Business

Flexible use

  • For new and existing PV systems
  • As single device with two charging points or in parks with several charging points
Fast and easy to use - SMA EV Charger Business

Fast and easy to use

  • Charging with up to 2 x 22 kW per charger
  • Integrated RFID card reader
  • Can be easily integrated into your SMA Energy System
Ease of mind - SMA EV Charger Business

Ease of mind

  • Everything from a single source
  • Overload protection of the point of interconnection
  • Integrated direct current failure monitoring
Sustainable - SMA EV Charger Business


  • Produced in Germany
  • CO2-neutral mobility
  • Dynamic load control is integrated in the charger

The charger can be ordered from July this year. The same applies to the SmartBox Compact, which is additionally required for PV-optimized charging.

The charger is expected to be available from September together with the SmartBox Compact. Please contact us if you have planned an earlier realization date for your EV Charging project.

The price is within the usual range for chargers with two charging points. We will provide detailed prices, also for the overall charging solution, shortly after the sales launch.

It is part of the new SMA charging solution, fully integrated into our Energy System Business with PV and commercial storage as well as intelligent energy management. made in Germany.

In conjunction with the SmartBox Compact, which like the charger is ordered via SMA and supplied by SMA, the SMA charging solution enables PV-optimized charging.

The device has 2 charging points. 2 EV Charger Business can be installed on one pedestal. Thus, up to 4 charging points can be realized on one pedestal.

The EV Charger Business will initially be available in Germany at market launch. The market launch is then planned for Austria and Switzerland. Other European countries will follow shortly thereafter.

The charger itself offers a variety of functions such as authentication via RFID, an OCPP 1.6 interface for integration into various monitoring and billing backends. An MID-compliant meter and an EEBUS interface for integration into the SMA Data Manager M and SMA Data Manager M Lite and thus into the Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS. In addition, the charger has an integrated dynamic load management.

The charger can be updated via firmware updates - either locally or via a backend. This way you can be sure to benefit maximally from any future feature enhancements for your application.

No, the EV Charger Business does not support bidirectional charging. For intermediate storage of excess PV energy, SMA offers a commercial storage as an integrated module of the SMA Energy System Business, which was developed and optimized for commercial applications with its scalable storage capacity and its high charging and discharging performance and therefore optimally supports you in increasing your own consumption and/or avoiding load peaks.

Currently, the charger has a two-year warranty.

A warranty extension to 20 years is not planned and is not required for chargers. We will communicate an option for warranty extension in due course.

6mA DC- residual current monitoring, integrated residual current circuit breaker, miniature circuit breaker.

The charger is manufactured in Germany and we have thereby short delivery routes and thus also short delivery times.

Initially, charging for employees works in exactly the same way as charging for the company's own fleet of vehicles. To prevent "unauthorized" charging, access to the charging points can be restricted by means of RFID authentication. For example, it is possible that only employees with a valid/activated RFID card (e.g. company ID card) can charge. If the charging processes are to be assigned to the employees and billed to them, it is advisable to integrate the chargers and use a backend with billing functions.

Download our SMA Energy System Business brochure here

SMA Energy System Business

Download our SMA Energy System Business brochure here.

If you have any questions, please contact SMA.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact SMA.