Highest power density for flexible applications

Sunny Tripower Storage 60

Highest power density for flexible applications

The new Sunny Tripower Storage 60 is the perfect solution for commercial and industrial storage solutions. Its modularity guarantees maximum flexibility up to the MW scale. Customers in the commercial and industrial segment profit from extraordinary versatility at low costs. Whether Peak Load Shaving, Time of Use-Tariffs (ToU), the increase of PV self consumption for grid tied systems or the fuel cost reduction in PV-Diesel-Hybrid applications − the Sunny Tripower Storage offers various use cases and chances for new business models.

Good to know


Multi-Use operating mode increases the efficiency of the overall system

More benefits


  • Highest power density with 75 kVA at only 77 kg
  • 98.8% maximum efficiency


  • Four quadrant operation
  • Suitable for high-voltage batteries
  • Easy to integrate through standard Modbus communication


  • Modular extendibility provides maximum flexibility up to the MW range
  • Individually selectable battery capacity
  • A single Inverter Manager controls up to 20 inverters


  • The perfect complement to your SMA solar solution
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial applications
  • Compatible with ennexOS

Sunny Tripower Storage 60



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