ennexOS Cross-sector energy management

Manage all energy flows on a single platform

ennexOS (Energy Next Operating System) from SMA is a cross-sector platform for holistic and smart energy management. It interlinks various energy sectors, such as heating, climate control, electricity and vehicles, within the PV system.

With ennexOS, all energy management processes are digitalized and automated on the basis of SMA’s 40 years of experience. The platform’s systems make it possible to generate and manage renewable energy. Plus, ennexOS is designed to be modular and is constantly being refined. That makes the platform a practical solution for both installers and users.

Enjoy maximum transparency and clear analyses of all energy flows, from the complete package to the individual system or device.

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Energy demands are increasing daily. The new energy world is complex but is also opening up significant savings potential. With ennexOS, you will be in a position to manage this complexity, increase your energy efficiency and reduce energy costs at the same time. The result: your electricity costs reduced by up to 75%.

“All energy components across all sectors are recorded in ennexOS. All of the data relevant to energy generation, storage and consumption can be brought together into one system through I/O systems, measuring devices and interfaces. All information can be called up simply and securely via the ennexOS platform.”

Maik Brüschke, Head of Energy Management, Digital & eMobility, SMA

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Customer benefits:

  • Reduction of energy costs

  • Additional revenue thanks to your own energy production

  • A higher level of supply reliability

  • Environmentally friendly solutions

  • Independence from electric utility companies

  • Transparency for energy flows

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Benefits for installers:

  • Long-term reliability thanks to ongoing refinement
  • Expansion of your own service portfolio

  • Acquiring new customers

  • Sales support

  • Easier planning and installation

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The IoT platform for energy management

ennexOS is the IoT platform for energy management that combines data from all the relevant energy sectors. IoT platforms interlink physical and virtual objects, allowing them to work together using information and communications technology. ennexOS is a tool that supports the entire value chain for state-of-the-art products and services for the future of the energy industry.

It records all key input data, such as capital expenditure and operating costs, tariff information and subsidies. The platform comprises a scalable and secure IoT device, cloud and portal system that can easily be expanded with additional features. This system offers convenient functions such as user and license management, component upgrades and updates plus secure live data communication.

The following functions are available on the ennexOS IoT platform specifically for energy management:

  • Smart management of battery storage systems

  • Smart management of EV chargers

  • Integration of external energy meters, sensors and actuators

  • Smart (measurement) data management, such as recording, aggregation and storage of readings

  • Connectivity in the system bus, smart home and smart building systems EEBus, Modbus RTU/TCP, SMA Data, SMA Data 2+ IEC 61850, IEC 60870 (planned)

  • Data import and export (FTP push, CSV export, REST API)

ennexOS system manager

The system manager function was introduced back in 2018 with the Data Manager M. It is now available with many new SMA products. When pre-installed on PV and battery inverters, the System Manager offers such features as access to Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS. It also controls, monitors and manages customer systems even without dedicated controllers (such as Sunny Home Manager or Data Manager). This saves time, money and installation space.

SMA Data Manager M

Future-proof communication for decentralized PV systems

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SMA Data Manger L

SMA Data Manger L

Smart control for power plants

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Sunny Tripower X 12kW / 15kW / 20kW / 25kW

The system for commercial energy generation and energy management.

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Sunny Design and Sunny Portal

Planning, managing and monitoring the complete energy system – all handled by the Sunny Design and Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS web portals. With the Sunny Design planning tool, a PV system can undergo first-time setup to be optimized to suit its particular circumstances. Later on, system operators and installers can use Sunny Portal to access the key data for the finished system anytime and anywhere.

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Sunny Design

Easily plan, design and simulate PV systems as a PV expert.

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Sunny Portal

Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

Professionally monitor, manage and present PV systems as a PV expert or system owner

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Energy management with SMA

Thanks to ennexOS, SMA is able to operate all relevant energy sectors within the energy infrastructure reliably and in compliance with grid requirements. With ennexOS, all significant electrical and thermal generators and loads are brought together in one single platform. ennexOS also serves as the basis for the SMA Energy System Home, Energy System Business and Energy System Large Scale.

Cross-sector energy management is a fundamental prerequisite in optimizing the use of renewable energies in terms of both environmental and financial aspects. This helps us get one step closer to one of the key goals of the energy transition. After all, linking heating, cooling, electricity and vehicles is the foundation for an environmentally friendly, reliable and economical energy supply in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

ennexOS comprehensively records energy flows, offers intelligent forecasting methods and supports custom tariff models. That means you will be able to keep an eye on all your costs associated with energy usage. All variables in the system can be monitored, and the energy costs of the key loads can be integrated into cost accounting.

All energy data can be called up anytime, anywhere in the world, on a PC or mobile device. All of this is made possible by the interaction of the cutting-edge system architecture of the ennexOS components in the system and the digital SMA portal solutions, accessible worldwide

With Sunny Design, you can plan your tailor-made PV system in just a few clicks.

Planning tool Sunny Design

With Sunny Design, you can plan your tailor-made PV system in just a few clicks.

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