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Renewable energy transition now: store solar power

A PV system with a battery-storage system provides cost-effective and sustainable power generated from the sun around the clock. This frees us from dependence on fossil fuels and rising costs. Large storage power plants can now ensure electricity supply at all times of day or night. Storage systems are a fundamental part of the energy transition and SMA is developing storage solutions for every application and size. For a 100% renewable energy supply. Anywhere in the world.

With SMA storage solutions, you have greater independence from:

  • ...fossil fuels and climate-damaging CO2

  • ...rising electricity costs and feed-in tariffs

  • ...fluctuating energy generation and expensive grid expansion

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Why SMA?

A market leader with more than 2 GW of installed battery inverter power

(as of November 2019)

Comprehensive system understanding

35 years of global experience on the storage market

System technologies for all areas of application and battery sizes

Collaboration with all leading battery manufacturers

Open interfaces for maximum solution diversity and customer focus

Reliable and sustainable electricity supply

The PV system and storage system operate in harmony to ensure that solar power can be used even when the sun is not shining. SMA battery inverters provide stored solar energy from the battery at night or when the sky is overcast. In doing so, an SMA storage system illuminates the darkness, even during a power outage.

Speicherlösungen von SMA - Saubere Energie. Überall. Jederzeit.

From pioneer to storage expert

Our vision for more than 35 years has been to provide people all over the world with access to power from renewable energies. For this purpose, we develop systems and technologies that satisfy the individual needs of our customers worldwide:

Anywhere in the world:

  • On-grid storage applications or off-grid regions

  • PV systems with outputs ranging from a few kilowatts to the megawatt range

  • Can be integrated into new and existing PV systems

More than 2 gigawatts of installed power with SMA battery inverters motivates us to continue developing technologically mature and customer-oriented storage solutions.

Head of Power Conversion Off-Grid

Martin Rothert

„Almost 40 years ago, we set out to supply the world with renewable energy. This pioneering spirit continues to this day and we are now realizing projects with more than 10 GW of solar power and more than 1 GW of storage capacity every year around the world. This makes me proud and gives me fresh motivation every day because a sustainable and fast energy transition is so important to all of us.”

Technical Consultant

Isabel Ballesteros Sanchez

„Our devices are in use all over the world – including in extreme conditions: whether at the emission-free research station in Antarctica, on an island in Lake Titicaca, Peru, at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters or for a solar-power-charged electric vehicle used at a safari park in Africa. The sheer diversity of requirements broadens my horizons every day. In particular, I value the fact that we work together as equals and that we enjoy the freedom to enter unfamiliar territory once in a while. After all, we can achieve so much by working in this way. I am happy when the customer is satisfied.”

Business Development Manager

Guluma Megersa

„The most beautiful moment is when the lights come back on after a commercial enterprise or even an entire village in Africa has made the switch to an all-solar power supply. The energy supply is improved immediately and over the long term. I’m passionate about international collaboration in the field of renewable energy. After all, energy connects people worldwide.”

From the South Pole to the Far East: SMA storage systems are used worldwide

International Polar Foundation at the South Pole

Emissionsfreie Polarforschung am Südpol

“Thanks to the efforts of our technical partners, including SMA, we were able to deliver a zero-emissions research station - the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica. This was the first zero-emissions station in Antarctica. Using renewable energies in a pristine environment is doubly important: first, because it reduces the environmental impact, and second, because it cuts operating costs and allows scientific achievements to be delivered at a low operational cost by removing the ubiquitous use of fuel.”

Alain Hubert, Chairman of the Board of the International Polar Foundation and Station Commander of the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

Julius Muganyizi - Vocational school electricity supply in Uganda

Sustainable development in Uganda

“The electricity supply has made a lot of things easier here in the vocational school. For example, classes can continue for much longer. Because when the sun sets at 6 p.m. here, it is as if somebody turned out the light. Now we simply turn it back on again.”

Julius Muganyizi, vocational student in electrics, responsible for the PV systems and operation of the water pumps at the vocational school in Cooki, Uganda.

Increased self-consumption and independence in Southern Germany

Private energy transition in Southern Germany

“We expanded our PV system quite quickly with the addition of a storage system. This allowed us to reduce our grid-supplied power by 70% and we are now also supplied with electricity in the event of short power outages. We fill up on solar power, do our laundry and wash our dishes using solar energy. Sustainability is important to us. Not only that, but we also really enjoy managing our home intelligently so that we become more and more independent of the power company.”

Daniela and Matthias Röschinger from Nuremberg, Germany, have been operating and expanding their system since 2012.

Hybrid system for St. Eustatius, Special Municipality of the Netherlands, Caribbean

100% diesel-free in the Caribbean

On St. Eustatius, we created a 100% grid solution that is the only one of its kind in our industry to date. The hybrid system from SMA heralds the start of a new era in diesel-free electricity supply.

Fred Cuvalay, CEO St. Eustatius Utility Company STUCO

The most northerly PV system in Batagay, Russia

Solar power in the permafrost

“It is exciting to see that solar energy is useful even in such an extreme environment. In summer we have temperatures of up to +40 degrees here; in winter the temperatures drop to as low as -60 degrees. In the summer months, the solar yield provides a significant proportion of the electricity supply for the approximately 4,500 inhabitants of Batagay. Of course, in the winter months, the yield is then rather small due to the limited sunlight.”

Jan Stottko, SMA Country Sales Manager, looks after the largest (1 MW) and northernmost solar hybrid system in the world with the SMA Fuel Save Controller in Batagay, Russia. The system was installed and put into operation in 2014 by Helios Strategia of Dnipro, Ukraine.


Günther Cramer Solar Academy—independent of the electricity grid also in Germany

Homegrown power without a utility grid

“The flagship Solar Academy project proves that even at our latitude, it is possible to provide yourself with self-generated solar energy and be completely independent of the utility grid. Excess energy is stored in batteries for later use and can supply the building self-sufficiently for almost one day. The great thing is that you can see it. We make the generation and supply of energy visible to our customers and visitors and, as a result, they experience it too.”

Matthias Schäpers, SMA Global Sustainability Manager, oversaw the construction of the Solar Academy in 2009. Training sessions and other events are held there.

Climate protection efforts start right on our own doorstep

The energy transition for your home

A PV system with an integrated battery-storage system is your personal contribution to the energy transition. The battery ensures that you can use your self-generated solar power around the clock. The goal is to minimize grid-supplied power by using sustainably generated energy, because with every kilowatt hour of solar power that you use at home, you require less power from the conventional power company.

There are many good reasons:

  • You play an active role in ushering in the energy transition

  • You free yourself from dependence on conventional suppliers

  • You enjoy a reliable supply at all times, even in the event of a grid failure

  • You cut your electricity costs

  • You can sell your solar power yourself

Battery-storage systems are an attractive addition if you are receiving either a low tariff or no feed-in tariff at all for your PV systems. With our storage systems, you can upgrade your PV system and expand it on a modular basis in the future – for example, if you would like to use renewable energy to charge an electric car.

Here you can find an SMA solar specialist partner who will plan your storage system for you.

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Benefits of storage systems in a single-family home

Reduce electricity costs sustainably without compromising comfort and quality of living

  • Reduce grid-supplied power

  • Contribute personally to climate protection

  • Minimize your power bill

Storage system:

Ile d'Oléron, France, 2019
4 kWp of PV power + 7.6 kWh of storage capacity

Reduce operating costs over the long term and benefit from a green image

The energy transition for companies

With sustainably produced solar power, you as an entrepreneur can make an important contribution toward protecting the environment and promoting sustainability that will lead to a considerable decrease in operation costs. Expensive load peaks are a real problem for small to medium-sized businesses, supermarkets, hotels and agricultural businesses, and quickly lead to high operating costs. A storage system allows for free use of cached energy from the battery at times of high power demand.

This pays off in several respects:

  • You reduce operating costs over the long term

  • You actively contribute to climate protection

  • You score points with customers thanks to the green image

  • You can offer your customers and employees additional, attractive benefits such as free solar power for charging their electric vehicles

  • You can develop new business models through direct selling

Here you can find your SMA solar specialist partner who will be happy to advise you and plan your storage system.

Find SMA solar specialist partner

Benefits of storage systems for business:

Manage load peaks and interlinking energy sectors efficiently

  • Interlink various energy sectors (integrated energy)

  • Integrate electric vehicles

  • Load management

  • Energy monitoring

Storage system:

Supermarket - Aktiv & Irma, Oldenburg, Germany, 2018
99 kWp of PV power + 60 kWh of storage capacity

Grid security guaranteed at all times

Predictable and economical energy supply

Centralized supply structures are increasingly becoming decentralized during the course of the energy transition. Electric utility companies are confronting some new challenges since volatile renewable energy generation requires compensation power that can be quickly controlled.

SMA storage solutions for PV power plants enable a reliable and affordable energy supply:

  • Grid management services for stable grid operation

  • Optimum integration of renewable energies into the existing infrastructure

  • Avoid expensive utility grid expansion

We are happy to assist you with your PV storage power plant.

Benefits of storage systems for power plant operators:

Help stabilize the utility grid

  • Frequency stabilization

  • Relieve strain on the utility grids through reactive power provision

  • Integrate of renewable energies

The storage power plant:

Pelham, Great Britain, 2017
64 MVA of storage capacity

Stable electricity supply even under the most extreme conditions

Grid-quality solar power

Whether supplying an alpine hut or an entire village, battery-storage systems reliably provide grid-quality solar power for individual homes, lodges, commercial and industrial enterprises, and even remote islands. SMA storage solutions enable sustainable and economical power supply in regions with low electrification rates.

  • Reliable electricity supply without grid access

  • No more diesel fuel and high transport costs

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

  • Modular expansion at any time

Reduce reliance on fossil fuels and use 100% solar power by day.

Benefits of storage systems for off-grid regions:

  • Reliable electricity supply with European grid quality

  • Reserve power supply

  • Fully automatic synchronization between diesel operation and battery operation

  • Uninterrupted power supply in the event of outage of the diesel generator (hot standby)

The PV diesel hybrid system:

St. Eustatius, the Caribbean 2017
4.15 MWp of PV power + 5.9 MWp of storage capacity

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