SMA Home Storage - The powerful battery for unmatched flexibility

The powerful battery for unmatched flexibility

SMA Home Storage

Powerful Storage Solution

Integrating the modular SMA Home Storage battery in the SMA Home Storage Solution offers homeowners full flexibility. They can expand their solar system any time and unlock the full potential of sustainable energy. This powerful and flexible battery perfectly complements SMA‘s hybrid inverters enabling energy solutions of today and tomorrow.

Solar energy whenever needed

Whether during times of low solar irradiation or the highs of midday – the SMA Home Storage stores solar power and makes it available as needed. The battery offers flexible scalability to be adapted to individual needs and has an especially long lifetime of around 8000 charging cycles. With the SMA Home Storage, homeowners are making a conscious choice for quality and additional security with the 10-year warranty1).

More benefits

Unmatched flexibility

Unmatched flexibility

  • Slim, stackable design that can be scaled from 3.2 kWh to 16.4 kW

  • Floor, wall or back-to-back mounting

  • Outdoor installation possible (Protection class IP65)

Easy installation, fast commissioning

Easy installation, fast commissioning

  • Plug-and-play solution, including automatic commissioning

  • Preassembled cables for an easy installation

  • Expandable capacity possible within 2 years

Future-proof electricity storage system

Future-proof electricity storage system

  • Developed for intensive use

  • Ready for future, like dynamic tariffs and virtual power plants (VPP)

  • Integrated black start function for back-up supply (when combined with the SMA hybrid inverter)

  • ~8000 life cycles and 10 years of warranty1)

Seamless integrability and compatibility

Seamless integrability and compatibility

1) Device registration via the SMA product registration at required within 30 days. The conditions of the SMA limited factory warranty apply. You can find additional information at

SMA hybrid inverters

In combination with the SMA hybrid inverters, the SMA Home Storage offers unmatched flexibility, maximum solar energy, easy setup and adaptable energy management.

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SMA Home Storage


General information

Why is the inverter not finding the battery?
  • Make sure that the correct firmware version has been installed on the inverter. The Sunny Tripower Smart Energy must be equipped with firmware version ≥ 3.04.16.R.

  • Make sure that the communication cable between battery and inverter has been properly installed and is undamaged. You can find the correct pin assignment in the Technical Information .

  • Restart the entire system and try again.

How is the software of the battery updated?

The battery receives the current software from the connected inverter automatically. SMA recommends the activation of automatic updates. This ensures optimum long-term performance and safety.

When will the SMA Home Storage be available?

The SMA Home Storage will be available as of September 2023 in Germany and Austria. Benelux, Spain and Italy will follow later.

How do I get an offer for the new SMA Home Storage in combination with a complete PV system, including inverter?

You can submit your request via the SMA solar power professional search at We will forward it to selected SMA Solar partners in order that they can prepare an offer for you.

How long is the warranty period for the SMA Home Storage?

The SMA factory warranty period for the SMA Home Storage is two years. The owner will receive an additional eight-year warranty if they register the product in the SMA Online Service Center within 30 days of commissioning, i.e. a total of 10 years. You can find more information here:

The performance guarantee is valid for 12 years.

How long can a battery module be stored before operation is impaired?

A storage period of 6 months should not be exceeded for this product. The battery should be installed within 9 months of the date of production. You can find the data of production on the cardboard box or on the product's type label.

What certifications does the SMA Home Storage have?

The SMA Home Storage was specially designed for use in European countries and certified in accordance with various European and international standards:

  • IEC 62477

  • IEC 62619

  • VDE 2510-50

  • UN38.3

The certification will soon be available in the download area of the product.

Is it possible to have the current state of charge (SOC) of the SMA Home Storage indicated by the LEDs?

The current state of charge (SOC) can be monitored and viewed via energy monitoring on the Sunny Portal or using the SMA energy app.

Can additional battery modules be integrated into an existing energy house system?

Yes, it is possible to add more capacity to the installed system within two years of initial installation. You can thus adapt the system to your individual needs and optimize it.

How is the SMA Home Storage disposed of?

The disposal of a shut-down SMA Home Storage system cannot be done by SMA itself, but must be carried out by local disposal service providers. Each country has its own disposal regulations which must be taken into account and which SMA will comply with. More information will follow soon and be available in the download area of the product.

Are there any special training courses for the SMA Home Storage?

The SMA Solar Academy offers a number of webinars and training courses for the SMA Home Energy Solutions at:

Our trainers will be happy to answer all of your technical and general questions about SMA Home Storage.

Does the SMA Home Storage offer security in the event of a blackout?

With the SMA Home Storage, system operators are best prepared for a blackout. Due to the high current and high voltage of the system, the maximum power should be sufficient for all common appliances in the house. You can find the individual backup options on the product page of the inverter.

Does the SMA Home Storage have a black start function?

Yes, the SMA Home Storage is equipped with a black start function. This function can be activated manually at the product. Furthermore, the hybrid inverters in the system are automatically switched on at sunrise.

Can the battery capacity of the SMA Home Storage be used to integrate heat pumps?

Yes, the SMA Home Storage can be used to supply a heat pump in the system. The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 or a digital input of the inverter is used to establish the connection and for communication.

Is it possible to charge an electric vehicle with the SMA Home Storage?

Yes, the SMA Home Storage enables the charging of electric vehicles. For this, the charging mode must be set to "Fast charging" or "Intelligent charging - charging with target" in the SMA EV Charger settings.

Does the SMA Home Storage provide retrofitting options?

The SMA Home Storage modules are only compatible with the current SMA hybrid inverters, specifically with the Sunny Tripower Smart Energy and Sunny Boy Smart Energy models. The Sunny Boy Storage models (SBS2.5-1VL-10 and SBS3.7-10 to SBS6.0-10) cannot be retrofitted.

Can I also use the SMA Home Storage without a PV system?

Yes, the SMA Home Storage can only be used with the SMA hybrid inverters. The inverters can also be used without PV connection as battery inverters.

Is SMA Smart Connected available with the SMA Home Storage?

Yes, the SMA Smart Connected premium monitoring service is offered with the SMA Home Storage. If a defect or fault signal is indicated by the battery, the fitter will receive a detailed report of the event by e-mail. If the fitter contacts the SMA Online Service Center or the SMA Service Line, a replacement of the defective module will be initiated. The automated delivery of a replacement will be implemented in a future update. SMA Smart Connected can be activated via the Sunny Portal.


How can the cable length between the battery modules be adjusted?

The DC and communication cables between battery modules mounted directly above each other can be too short or too long under unfavorable conditions.

To avoid cables that are too short or too long, you can adjust the length of the DC and communication cables as follows:

Release the cable gland from the enclosure. As needed, push the excess length of the cable into the enclosure or pull out cables that are too short. Tighten the cable gland. This ensures proper strain relief.

Why is the charging power reduced from a state of charge of 90%?

Currently, the charging power is limited from a state of charge of 90% to 4 A to protect the battery. SMA is working on an optimized charging strategy that can be adjusted at a later date via a software update.

With which inverters is the SMA Home Storage compatible?

The SMA Home Storage is compatible with the hybrid inverters from SMA: the Sunny Boy Smart Energy and the Sunny Tripower Smart Energy.

How many full charge and discharge cycles are covered by the warranty?

SMA guarantees a gross current of 7.2 MWh per 1 kWh of usable capacity. In addition to the maximum energy throughput, the product retains at least 60 percent of its usable capacity (end of life). The energy throughput is equivalent to 8000 full charge and discharge cycles.

What energy capacities are available for the SMA Home Storage?

The SMA Home Storage provides modules with a capacity of 3.28 kWh each. You can combine these modules to achieve different total capacities: 2 modules provide 6.56 kWh, 3 modules provide 9.84 kWh, 4 modules provide 13.12 kWh and 5 modules provide 16.4 kWh. In combination with the Sunny Boy Smart Energy, the SMA Home Storage Solution supports the use of 1 to 4 battery modules. In combination with the Sunny Tripower Smart Energy, the use of 2 to 5 battery modules is possible.

In what temperature range can the battery be operated?

Optimum performance of the SMA Home Storage is ensured between 15 °C and 45 °C. The SMA Home Storage corresponds to IP65 and can be installed outdoors. Discharge is possible between -10 °C and 50 °C and charging between 0°C and 50°C. The ambient temperature range is -20 °C to 60 °C.

Is a parallel connection possible for higher capacities?

A parallel connection of storage systems is not possible. Instead, the modular capacity between 3.28 kWh and 16.4 kWh of the SMA Home Storage can be used.

SMA Home Storage


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