PV Power Plant Catalagan, Philippines

Catalagan Solar Farm

63.3 MW Utility-Scale PV Power Plant – Philippines

The 63.3 MW solar farm Catalagan built by Solar Philippines is the largest solar project completed in the Philippines to-date. The solar plant, which comprises over 200,000 panels on a 160-hectare property, is supplying enough power for the entire Western Batangas.

It is expected to offset over 1 million tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to planting over five million trees in the next three decades of its operation.


Baranggay Paraiso, Catalagan, Batangas, Philippines

March 2016

Nominal power
63.3 MWp

Annual energy yield
88,620 MWh

System Technology
830 SMA Sunny Tripower 60TL-10
23 SMA Inverter Manager
Modules: Trina Solar, JA Solar, Canadian Solar

44,310 tons/year

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