PV Power Plant Kagoshima, Japan

Sunny Central 500CP-JP

70-megawatt PV system in Kagoshima, Japan

The 70-megawatt system in Kagoshima is a good example of how important it is to have the right service partner at your side—someone with broad experience, who can respond to unexpected events in a flexible manner.

With an international service team hailing from Korea, Thailand, India and Germany, SMA provided substantial and active support during the construction of the PV system. The service technicians successfully handled all sorts of challenges, including a volcanic eruption and torrential rain with flooding and lightning strikes.

In 2013, the plant was commissioned on time, after only 13 months of construction. This success resulting in SMA securing the maintenance contract for the plant for the coming years. The facility will be managed by an SMA Service team located right in Japan, so the customer will always have a local contact person.

Kagoshima, Japan
Commissioning: 2013
Planning and realization: KYOCERA Solar Corporation, Kyudenko Corporation, Takenaka Corporation
Operator: Kagoshima Mega Solar Power Corporation
Maintenance contract

System size
70 MWp
Modules by KYOCERA
78,800 MWh annual production

140 Sunny Central 500CP-JP
1,260 Sunny String-Monitors

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