Commercial PV Power Plant Cape Town, South Africa

Commercial pv power plant – South Africa, 2015

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town – 1093.8 kW

One of the most visited tourist spots on the African continent has gone solar now. The V&A Waterfront in Capetown now has a solar system with an average daily production of about 4495 kWh.

The waterfront consists of an active harbor with two basins and a restored building complex. 7200 square meters of its roof area are now covered with solar modules.

SMA Tripower - Cape Town, South Africa

Capetown, South Africa


Different Rooftops with different orientations

Nominal power
1,093.8 kWp

Annual energy yield
1,640,000 kWh

Self-consumption rate
Approximately 35%

Annual CO2 Savings
About 1610 tons

System Technology
7 Sunny Tripower 60
27 FLX 17
6 FLX 15
1 SMA Inverter Manager
4207 modules (Solar World)

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