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Medium Voltage Power Station 4000 / 4200 / 4400 / 4600

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The SMA Medium Voltage Power Station offers the highest power density in a plug & play design, which is suitable for global use. Rely on the most robust, technically advanced and internationally certified hardware for power conversion in any climate. As one of the first truly global systems, it is the ideal choice for next generation PV power plants operating at 1500 VDC.

The preconfigured 20-foot skid solution is easy to transport and quick to commission. The SMA Medium Voltage Power Station combines the highest plant safety with maximum energy yield and minimized logistical and operating risk for large scale PV power plant projects.

More benefits

Maximum profit

Benefit from:

  • Easy transport with a CSC compliant container
  • Pre-installed components
  • Minimum O&M requirements
  • Integrated switchgear and transformer
  • Maximum design flexibility

Maximum availability

Benefit from:

  • Best in class performance
  • Engineered for maximum efficiency
  • Global compliance
  • More than 35 years experience
  • Full grid compliance

Plug & play power for every application

The SMA Medium Voltage Power Station is the most compact combination of a central inverter, transformer and switchgear. It can be transported easily across the globe and is designed for quick project commissioning on site. This solution not only complies with the highest international safety standards but also incorporates environmentally friendly SF6-free 24 kV switchgears.

Sunny Central UP

The Sunny Central UP is our most powerful inverter with up to 4600 kVA and is the heart of the Medium Voltage Power Station.
At a voltage of 1500 V DC it allows for significantly higher efficiency in system design. With a variety of options and the new DC-coupling readiness it provides maximum flexibility at minimum size.

Benefit from:

  • Highest power output: up to 54% less inverter units

  • Reduced energy self-consumption by 53%

  • Less transportation, installation, commissioning and service costs

  • DC-Coupling ready for storage applications

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Medium Voltage Power Station 4000 / 4200 / 4400 / 4600



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