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Sunny Design

With Sunny Design software, you can plan tailor-made PV systems for your customers. It could be a grid-connected PV system with or without a battery-storage system, smart energy management or e-mobility, an off-grid island or hybrid system - Sunny Design takes all technical specifications for the various components into account and provides you with relevant data for a cost-effective assessment of the system. That means that you can match your PV systems to suit the circumstances on-site.

It couldn't be easier. Simply open Sunny Design in your web browser or on your iPad or Android tablet and enter the necessary data in the user-friendly interface. In just a few minutes, Sunny Design will configure the ideal PV system for your customers on your behalf.

You can use Sunny Design free of charge.

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Good to know

NEW: Sunny Design 5.20, now including shading analysis and even more PV arrays



  • Plan grid-connected and off-grid PV systems
  • Receive customized design recommendations
  • Show potential for optimization
  • Visual roof planning including shading analysis
Good for customers

Good for customers

  • All common PV modules available
  • Incorporate high-resolution meteorological data
  • Energy-related and financial system assessment
  • Self-consumption forecast


  • Choice of location worldwide
  • Import your own meteorological data and load profiles
  • Access via web browser, iPad or Android tablet
  • Integrate e-mobility for private homes

Comprehensive energy system planning and simulation

Sunny Design pro

In addition to the PV system, Sunny Design PRO takes battery-storage systems and thermal components, such as combined heat and power plants and heat pumps, into account in system planning. That means that you can plan and simulate comprehensive sector-linked energy systems. Using customized purchase and feed-in tariffs as well as detailed project and capital costing, you can create reliable efficiency forecasts for the entire system. The extensive project documentation helps with field sales meetings and simplifies subsequent energy system implementation.

It's easy: you can give Sunny Design PRO a try with a month-long free trial. Enter your data to receive a comprehensive and professional visualization of the energy system in no time at all.

You can read more about what Sunny Design PRO has to offer in "Cross-Sector Energy System Planning".

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SMA Sunny Design Pro


  • All sectors in a single application
  • Simulation of the entire system
  • Integrated energy management for PV, battery-storage and thermal systems
  • Planning of electric vehicles and charging stations, including for commercial applications


  • All important energy and efficiency key figures presented
  • Detailed consumption and load profile analysis
  • Advanced project documentation
  • Project templates for commercial energy systems and private homes


  • Data export for fast SMA Data Manager commissioning
  • Flexible management of purchase and feed-in tariffs
  • Battery-storage system simulation for peak load shaving applications

Overview of Sunny Design functions

Feature Sunny Design
Sunny Design
Sunny Design PRO
Design of on-grid PV systems x x x
Visual roof planning including shading analysis x x x
Design of off-grid & PV hybrid systems - x x
Saving and managing projects - x x
Own PV modules, locations and load profiles - x x
Planning of energy systems with integrated energy - - x
Storage simulation for peak load shaving - - x
Tariff management - - x
Consumption data and load profile analysis - - x
Extended project documentation - - x
Prices per year and license
(plus local applicable VAT)
- - 504,20 €

Release Notes Sunny Design 5.22

New features (general)

  • In PV projects with self-consumption, up to 3 charging stations and electric vehicles can now be configured.
  • In the electromobility section of the detailed planning mode, a warning is now displayed if the energy consumption of the electric vehicles is not covered.
  • The calculation to prove compliance with the THD currents can now also be carried out for medium voltage in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4110.
  • For flat roofs, an attic can be added.
  • The display and information about our charging solutions have been optimized.
  • In the project data, the possibility was created to make specifications for the desired nominal power ratio or DC/AC ratio, respectively.
  • In the area of profitability, up to 10 special tariffs can now be defined.
  • The influence of shading is now also taken into account in the energy yield calculation.
  • When moving modules in the roof planning, they are aligned to a grid (snap-to-grid function).
  • Additional dimensions are now displayed in the roof planning.

Sunny Design PRO

  • In energy system projects, heating rods can now be taken into account to increase self-consumption.
  • The heat pumps now have the "SG-Ready" option for PV-optimized operation.

Release Notes Sunny Design 5.20

New features (general)

  • Shading analysis: Calculation of the annual shading of roofs
  • Display of the percentage of module shading
  • Display of the shadow course for a selected point in time
  • Any number of buildings possible in one roof plan
  • Extension of the roof planning to include external objects (trees, walls, chimneys)
  • Up to 6 PV generators in a sub-project
  • Improved design suggestions
  • Compatibility list of battery inverters and batteries
  • Key figures on self-consumption and self-sufficiency in a comparison of alternatives
  • Easier creation of own PV modules
  • Optimized net metering for PV projects
  • Extended calculation of maximum PV system voltage and circuit currents according to NEC 2017
  • Prepared for SMA JOIN

Sunny Design PRO

  • New key figure for self-consumption levy
  • Display of additional information on tariffs
  • CO2 credit also for direct marketing

Release Notes Sunny Design 5.10

New features (general)

  • PV module placement on dormers
  • Definition of maintenance walks/thermal separations in module arrays
  • Project documentation extended by a Roof plan
  • Creation of detailed offers
  • Use of Heat Pump tariffs
  • Assignment of a project status and life cycle
  • Optimized system design for inverters with many MPPT
  • Display of Sunny Design News
  • Extended customer management
  • Net-Metering for standard PV projects
  • Consideration of self-consumption deduction in projects with direct selling

Sunny Design PRO

  • Suggestion of Peak Load Shaving threshold
  • CO2 credits for PV energy export
  • Extended time series export
  • Selectable visibility of charging stations
  • Optimized usage of alternatives

Release Notes Sunny Design 5.0

More options for system planners: In the new version Sunny Design 5.0, the SMA planning software is now more application-oriented. Installers benefit from professional system planning that requires very little time and effort. All innovations at a glance:

Visual 2D/3D Roof Planning

  • Map based creation of building models
  • Numerous predefined building types and roof shapes
  • Simple insertion of obstacles (dormers, windows, chimneys, …)
  • Multiple PV arrays per building
  • Snapshot function
  • Undo/Redo
  • Easy to use

Optimized Workflows

  • Quick planning mode with system design in just a few steps
  • Just the most important inputs and results
  • Simple switchover between quick mode and detailed planning

Extended project data

  • Free text address entry and automated selection of the nearest meteorological data set
  • Map view (Google Maps)
  • Upload of multiple object photos
  • Customer management tool

Interfaces to SMA 360° App

  • Creation of Sunny Design Projects by the app
  • Management of PDF documents accessible within the app

Other Enhancements

  • New fact sheet for residential energy systems
  • Detailed calculation of project costs
  • Integrated P-Q analysis tool of Sunny Central Storage systems
  • Support of Sunny Boy Storage with multiple batteries
  • Export of load and generation time series (Sunny Design Pro)
  • Russian User interface

eMANUAL: SMA Sunny Design

The operating manual is also available as


With Sunny Design, you can plan your tailor-made PV system in just a few clicks.

Planning tool Sunny Design

With Sunny Design, you can plan your tailor-made PV system in just a few clicks.

If you have any questions, please contact SMA.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact SMA.