Power control for the PV system

SMA Dynamic Power Control

SMA Dynamic Power Control is a piece of software pre-installed in the Sunny Tripower X inverter that controls the active and reactive power of up to five inverters. This makes it possible, for example, to operate PV systems purely as self-consumption systems and thus use the solar power generated exclusively for self-supply. As a result, system owners and operators can reduce electricity costs regardless of rising energy prices. SMA Dynamic Power Control also allows percentage setpoints or individual feed-in controls with the grid operator and reactive power setpoints to be implemented.


Increase your self-consumption quota

Increase your self-consumption quota

Thanks to the dynamic power control, system owners can meet the requirements of the grid operator and maximize the proportion of energy that they use themselves. Consequently, they save on costs, accelerate the return on their investment in the system and improve their self-sufficiency.

Reduce complexity

Reduce complexity

SMA Dynamic Power Control provides grid-compliant power control for up to five inverters in total, thus making it unnecessary to install and commission an SMA Data Manager M. This reduces the complexity of the overall system considerably and cuts capital expenditure.

Save time and money

Save time and money

In combination with an energy meter, SMA Dynamic Power Control is more cost-effective than other solutions and saves time because no additional devices need to be put into operation.

Win-win for end customers and installers

It is not only system owners and operators who benefit from the simple dynamic power control. SMA Dynamic Power Control also offers installers a whole host of advantages. In a system with Sunny Tripower X, closed-loop control of active and reactive power is currently included in the inverter’s range of functions, meaning that no further costs are incurred.

In the future, SMA Dynamic Power Control will be available as a digital product, thus enabling full flexibility depending on the application, needs and system requirements.

Integrated intelligence

With the aid of SMA Dynamic Power Control, Sunny Tripower X provides dynamic closed-loop control of active and reactive power for itself and up to four other SMA inverters. As a result, it is possible to implement requirements of grid operators for limiting feed-in power for the entire system, for example. In order to maximize PV energy generation through self-consumption nevertheless, the Sunny Tripower X does not limit the system’s feed-in power permanently, but regulates it at the point of interconnection depending on power consumption. This makes it possible, for example, to implement a “zero feed-in” strategy and use the self-generated electricity exclusively for self-supply. To this end, the solution at the point of interconnection ensures that no electricity is actually fed in, taking power consumption into account. In other words, the amounts of energy generated and consumed are exactly the same.

SMA Dynamic Power Control can also be used to implement dynamic closed-loop control of reactive power. In this context, various reactive power modes such as the Q(V) characteristic curve, cos ϕ (P) characteristic curve or a fixed cos ϕ displacement power factor can be set.

Thanks to SMA Dynamic Power Control, grid-compliant power control is possible and custom curtailment times pursuant to electric utility company specifications are adhered to. Without SMA Dynamic Power Control, further hardware such as an SMA Data Manager M or a comparable product from a third-party provider would be required to achieve such smart closed-loop control.

Benefits for installers

  • Save on costs by using less hardware

  • Reduce installation time

  • Minimize complexity

  • Easily fulfill regulatory and normative requirements

Benefits for system owners/operators

  • Increase self-consumption

  • Increase independence from rising electricity prices

  • Accelerate ROI

  • Integrate power generation and consumption, electric vehicles and heating

Inverter with SMA Dynamic Power Control

SMA Sunny Tripower X

Sunny Tripower X

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