SMA at Intersolar: Innovations from the Kilowatt to the Megawatt

SMA will introduce a megawatt station with direct medium-voltage connection, the new Sunny Mini Central 11000TL and a first-ever look at the development department. As always, SMA is generating a lot of buzz leading up to the Intersolar trade fair. The Sunny Central 1000MV, for example, is setting a new record for price/performance ratio with a peak efficiency rating of 97.3 percent and a service life of over 20 years. And, the new Sunny Mini Central 11000TL is the perfect choice for commercial systems with capacities starting around 25 kW. Its key selling points include an option for three-phase configuration, easy installation and maintenance.

A broad spectrum of products in the 100 kW to 1.2 megawatt power range and a highlight of the megawatt class are features of SMA's innovations. The Sunny Central 1000MV not only offers direct medium-voltage connection, but also sets a new record for cost-effectiveness, thanks to its peak efficiency rating of 97.3 percent - just like the Sunny Central 100, which can achieve a peak efficiency of 97.6 percent despite having an integrated low voltage transformer. The new Sunny Mini Central 11000TL is the perfect choice for commercial systems with capacities starting around 25 kW or for the decentralized configuration of large-scale systems in the megawatt range. Its key selling points include an option for three-phase configuration, easy installation and maintenance.
Even though many companies would be thoroughly satisfied with this product range, SMA - as can be expected - is poised to unveil a number of other innovations developed over the last few months. The new Sunny Backup Set Small, for instance, can supply solar electricity to home system owners during a power failure.  
Also featured is the Bluetooth-enabled Sunny Boy 4000TL and Sunny Boy 5000TL, easy-to-install universal devices with an award-winning design. Another exciting highlight: For the first time ever, SMA will offer visitors a glimpse of its development department and projects in the works.

Sunny Central 1000MV: megawatt station with remarkable efficiency
Large-scale systems are the new trend. Naturally, SMA, being one of the pioneer technology leaders in this area, offers a wide range of suitable products. The Sunny Central 1000MV, for example, feeds power directly into the medium-voltage grid and can be installed inexpensively and without complicated wiring due to its lack of a low voltage transformer. With a peak efficiency of 97.3 percent, this product offers maximum yields – plus a service life of over 20 years. It is widely known that system costs are the biggest factor in determining the economic efficiency of solar power plants in the megawatt class. In terms of system costs, the SMA megawatt station is hard to beat. The Sunny Central can also be purchased in numerous countries with an availability guarantee of up to 99 percent. The number of units shipped may be record-breaking as well: Over 100 SMA megawatt stations are currently in use around the globe. SMA Sunny Centrals, for example, are used in the Waldpolenz energy park near Brandis, Germany, which is currently the world's largest solar power plant.

Sunny Central 100: peak efficiencies for outdoor use
The Sunny Central 100 also features an outstanding peak efficiency rating of 97.6 percent thanks to new SMA semiconductor technologies, an optimized transformer design and an improved fan control. Its weatherproof housing and extended temperature range make the outdoor version of the Sunny Central 100 the first choice for reliable operation out in the open, even under extreme ambient conditions. Hence the Sunny Central 100 Outdoor offers customers two distinct advantages: Its compact design entails significantly lower installation costs and its high efficiency rating makes it one of the most effective central inverters in its class.

Sunny Mini Central 11000TL: three-phase configuration with easy service and maintenance
The new Sunny Mini Central 9000TL, 10000TL and 11000TL round out the range of SMA’s successful Sunny Mini Central inverters. In conjunction with the Sunny Mini Central 8000TL - "the favorite of the Photon editorial staff"– commercial PV systems in the 25 to 50 kW medium power range can now easily be configured for three-phase operation. SMA is one of the very few companies who have extensive experience in this sector and, with the Sunny Mini Central, can offer peak efficiency ratings of over 98 percent even under varying radiation intensities or high temperatures. Additional features are the diverse communication options of the devices and its easy service and maintenance requirements. The inverters are easy to install and allow you to expand your PV system in a variety of different combinations.

SMA is thus able to provide a suitable solution for the decentralized configuration of large-scale systems. Three single-phase Sunny Mini Centrals can easily be connected to a three-phase system and represent an ideal choice for use in large-scale systems in the megawatt class or lower. Since every single device in this configuration functions at its optimal operating point, system operators can take advantage of the high energy yield which results. Additional advantages of a decentralized configuration are low lifecycle costs due, in large part, to the high degree of system availability and uncomplicated, cost-effective service and maintenance requirements. This applies world-wide: Since the devices are easy to handle, installers can perform on-site maintenance on their own - even without extensive training.

It goes without saying that the non-symmetric load of the power grid specified by energy providers is also guaranteed. The integrated "Power Balancer" non-symmetric load manager makes sure the inverters communicate with each other and are capable of reciprocal control so they can feed power to the phase conductors in a "grid-friendly" manner.  

Sunny Boy 5000TL: easy installation and award-winning design
The Sunny Boy 4000TL and 5000TL are also chock full of SMA technologies such as the Electronic Solar Switch (ESS), OptiTrac and H5 Topology. Users can communicate with the new SMA inverters wirelessly via Bluetooth. Furthermore, the new installation concept and optimized housing ensure low weight, quick and easy installation. This product has already been recognized for its design: SMA is the only inverter manufacturer to win the coveted 2008 iF Product Design Award in the Industry category for the Sunny Boy 5000TL.

Sunny Backup Set Small: stable power supply, even without public grid access
After the market launch of the Sunny Backup systems, which were initially developed for commercial applications, SMA has once again expanded its product portfolio for the low power range. The Sunny Backup Set Small was specifically developed for photovoltaic systems installed on single-family homes and is capable of establishing a stable stand-alone power supply within 50 milliseconds in case of a power grid failure. The Set can be integrated into existing or new PV systems with SMA inverters at a low cost and without affecting the efficiency of the PV system.

Sunny Island 2224: flexible installation and easy handling
The Sunny Island 2224 rounds out SMA's product portfolio of stand-alone inverters in the power range below ten kilowatt. Thanks to its low weight and compact design, the Sunny Island 2224 is even easier to handle and install than its "bigger brother", the Sunny Island 5048. With Protection Class IP54 and the Sunny Remote Control user interface, users have total freedom in choosing the installation site. Together with the battery unit, the Sunny Island stand-alone inverter creates a standard AC power grid in which all components – from electrical appliances to electricity generators – can be integrated. With this AC coupling, PV systems, wind turbines, diesel generators, hydroelectric or combined heat and power plants can now be coupled on the AC side just like normal 230 V loads. This eliminates the need for extensive DC wiring and provides maximum flexibility.

SMA presently maintains silence on future development projects. However, at this year's Intersolar the company will proudly offer visitors a first-time glimpse into the "future of solar technology". From the 12th to the 14th of June, visitors will have a chance to see the inner workings of the SMA development department at SMA Stand 270 in Hall C4. Also, the megawatt station will be available in the FG.306 open-air area for anyone who wants to have a closer look.