To integrate clean solar power and to minimize diesel fuel costs

SMA Fuel Save Solution for Hybrid Systems

PV diesel hybrid solutions from SMA create independence from fossil fuels and reduce operating and maintenance costs. This is efficient, low maintenance and saves resources In the diesel-off mode, the diesel generators are switched off completely. The electricity supply remains fully intact with the same, or even improved, grid quality.


100% solar power for a diesel-off mode

Greater independence from the energy supply

  • Diesel-off-mode function for a smooth electricity supply without diesel generators

  • Battery inverters with grid-forming characteristics for 100% stable utility grids

  • Comprehensive system solutions for multiple hybrid applications

  • Integrate solar energy optimally into existing infrastructures

  • Reliably comply with CO2 and other environmental regulations

SMA Fuel Save Solution – SMA Power Plant

Solar power for hybrid applications

The turnkey solution for intelligent plant control

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The sound of ocean waves instead of droning diesel generators

100% solar power for a Caribbean island


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