Intelligent Household Networking

EEBus for the Smart Home

EEBus für das Smart Home - Intelligente Vernetzung im Haushalt

What is EEBus

The EEBus Initiative develops internationally harmonized communication standards for intelligent networking of household appliances and energy efficiency applications. It is the leading European initiative in the Internet of Things domain and brings together manufacturers from the energy, telecommunications, electronics and automotive industries.

The aim is to achieve standardized data communication between appliances in the Smart Home.One focus is on application scenarios in energy management for appliances, heating and ventilation systems, and eMobility. The EEBus industry standard is openly accessible to all appliance manufacturers.


Greater independence thanks to EEBus

All appliances featuring the uniform communication standard EEBus can participate easily and automatically in energy management. This sees Smart Home residents benefit from:

  • Efficient energy use for all connected appliances

  • Lower energy costs

  • Maximum PV self-consumption

  • Greater independence from energy suppliers

Greater independance with EEBus

Energy management with EEBus in practice

EEBus is already available as a series product with the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 and compatible household appliances. Make your household fit for the future.

You can find more information on EEBus-compatible household appliances here.

Users benefit easily and effortlessly from greater energy efficiency in their households:

  • Reduced electricity costs thanks to efficient energy use
  • Maximum convenience through automatic appliance management
  • 100% ease and comfort in managing household energy

System requirements for greater energy efficiency in the household:

  • One PV system featuring Sunny Home Manager 2.0 in the Sunny Portal
  • One or more EEBus-compatible household appliances

The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 and household appliances are connected with each other over the existing network using a simple connection process (pairing). No additional components or cables are needed.

This is how household appliances and PV systems communicate using EEBus

Partners in the EEBus Initiative e.V.

These international companies from the energy, smart home, telecommunications, heating and ventilation, mobility and automation sectors are working together as part of the EEBus Initiative e.V. to develop innovative and standardized solutions for energy efficiency in the smart home.

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Partners in the EEBus Initiative e.V.


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