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Climate change and its effects are galvanizing people all around the world. Scientists, politicians, businesspeople and above all the students in the Fridays for Future movement are calling for a rethink to protect the environment. At SMA, we have spent almost 40 years working with passion and dedication to harness the power of the sun. Our products and solutions pave the way for a clean, decentralized energy supply. We are setting trends here. With environmentally friendly, resource-efficient production, through a fair and honest business policy, in day-to-day working life and beyond.

Matthias Schäpers, sustainability manager SMA
Wiebke Krüger, project manager SMA
Jürgen Reinert, CEO SMA
Eric Quiring, contact person for political and industry association work SMA
Markus Huelfenhaus, production manager SMA

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Products & processes
Sustainable energy. Right from the start.

The goal is a clean energy supply. But the way that we get there is crucial, too. That is why we make sure that our inverters are produced sustainably. To do so, we not only optimize the processes used at our production facilities but also include the entire supply chain. Our suppliers are qualified in accordance with strict sustainability guidelines. The focus is on each individual component. We don’t just talk about this; we take action. And we have been doing this since 2010.


Environment & energy
Added value with responsibility.

The goal is a cycle. The degree of resource-efficiency of an inverter is determined in the product design phase. As is the question of how successfully the materials it contains can be reused later. We have the future of our products in mind before they are even developed. The same applies to the raw materials and other materials that they are made of and to the cycle of the reusable materials they contain. In order to reduce raw materials, energy, mobility and waste, while increasing the use of renewable resources.

Environment & energy Added value with responsibility. SMA Solar Technology AG
People - Diverse. Transparent. Fair. SMA Solar Technology AG

Diverse. Transparent. Fair.

An amazing team. With a shared passion. 3,000 SMA employees are working every day to make the energy supply fit for the future. In 19 different countries and across different cultures and viewpoints. Successful projects and a corporate culture characterized by trust, fairness and respect show that we are on the right track. We take pride in this.

Social responsibility
Committed. And looking out at the world.

We do not limit our responsibility to our products. As a globally operating company, we do everything in our power to combat child labor, corruption and human rights violations. Both at our locations around the globe and in contracts with our suppliers. We insist that all companies involved in manufacturing our products comply with the SMA Supplier Code of Conduct. In all areas. Right from the start and along the entire supply chain.

Social responsibility. Committed. And looking out at the world. SMA Solar Technology AG

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