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Using renewable energies more efficiently — energy management makes it possible

An ever-increasing share of the energy in homes and businesses originates from renewable energy sources. For now at least, however, most of this energy is used for supplying power to electrical equipment and appliances.

But other energy sectors could potentially benefit from renewable energy. To ensure that this green energy generated by PV and wind turbine systems can also be used for heating, cooling or powering electric vehicles, the individual energy sectors have to be interlinked.This requires intelligent energy management systems that can optimize energy flows, store excess energy and match the requirements of individual consumers in line with each other. This smart interconnection of electricity, heat and electric vehicles and the use of storage systems help increase energy efficiency and allow a greater share of self-generated green energy to be utilized.

Interconnecting different sectors promotes energy efficiency

The energy management platform ennexOS from SMA will make it possible for consumers to find solutions for their individual energy requirements and so receive energy to suit their specific demands. ennexOS features a range of interfaces with different energy sectors that can then communicate and coordinate their energy generation and consumption processes among each other.

More functions with increasing requirements

Since the energy management platform can be expanded on a modular basis, each individual user can decide for themselves which solutions they want to deploy. So if they first want to focus on commissioning a PV system before later integrating a heat pump and battery-storage system, all of this can be done with no problem at all. The charging stations for electric vehicles can also be integrated in the energy management system either right from the start or at a later point in time.

Solutions for the energy market

The same applies to the interface for selling energy. If desired, PV system operators can sell their self-generated electricity via this special interface, thereby enabling them to reduce their own energy costs and become players on the energy market.

If you’re already thinking of planning a complex energy system, you can do this quickly and easily with the new SUNNY DESIGN PRO.

Here you can find out more about the energy management platform ennexOS.

SMA ennexOS

The energy transition: Everyone can play a role

The share of renewable energies in electricity production is growing rapidly worldwide. More and more people are cooking their meals, washing their clothes or lighting their homes with energy from renewable sources. Anyone who uses an intelligent energy management system and interconnects their PV system, heat pump, battery-storage system and electrical appliances will always be able to supply their home or company with the maximum possible share of renewable energies and access this at any time.

Seamless solutions for interconnecting different energy sectors

Intelligent energy management ensures that consumption, generation, storage and, in the future, trading of self-generated energy will be seamlessly dovetailed. As a result, home owners and businesspeople can enjoy increasing independence from power companies and save energy costs. This means that everyone has the opportunity to actively shape the energy transition and so further increase consumption of renewable energies.

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