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New for SMA device communication: WLAN and Ethernet to replace Bluetooth

SMA Geräte-Kommunikation: WLAN und Ethernet ersetzen Bluetooth

Why is SMA changing device communication?

As part of the constant improvement and functional optimization of our products, we will be replacing Bluetooth wireless communication in our devices with IP communication (Ethernet and WLAN). This makes it easier and cheaper to integrate PV systems into existing home networks with an internet connection via WLAN and Ethernet communication.

Systemaufbau ohne Datenlogger für PV-Anlagen mit SMA Wechselrichtern bis 12 kW

What has to be considered when planning a PV system?

System setup without data logger for PV systems with SMA inverters up to 12 kW.

The Sunny Boy 1.5 - 2.5 and 3.0 - 5.0 inverters are connected to the router using the integrated Webconnect interface via WLAN or Ethernet cable, which means that they are integrated into PV system monitoring.
In the future, the Sunny Boy 3000 - 5000TL-21 and Sunny Tripower 5000 - 12000TL-20 models will have an Ethernet interface only and must therefore be connected to the router with wires.

Systemaufbau mit dem Sunny Home Manager 2.0 für PV-Anlagen mit intelligentem Energiemanagement

What has to be considered when planning a PV system?

System setup with the Sunny Home Manager 2.0 for PV systems with intelligent energy management.

The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 is connected to the router via the Ethernet cable. Compatible loads and WLAN SMA radio-controlled sockets can be integrated into the system using the router. Further information is available here:

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How can I identify SMA inverters with Ethernet communication?

The Sunny Boy TL-21 and Sunny Tripower TL-20 inverters will no longer have Bluetooth communication capability. However, they will still be fitted with Ethernet communication.

These devices are easily identifiable by the “ETHERNET ONLY” written on both the inverter and box, and by the yellow label on the inverters, which ensures rapid identification and smooth processes. To help you with your planning, please ask your SMA trade partner about availability.

Wie erkenne ich SMA Wechselrichter mit Ethernet-Kommunikation?