PV-Diesel-Hybrid-System St. Eustatius, Karibik

Large-Scale Island Electrification, St. Eustatius

Hybrid Energy System – NL Antilles, 2017

Today, solar energy covers 46% of St. Eustatius’ total electricity need. Grid Forming SCS 2200 inverters allow to operate the island grid for 10.5 hours in Diesel Off-Mode operation with 100% Solar Power Fraction. In total a 5.9MWh Li-Ion storage facility has been integrated for energy shifting and grid services. Thanks to the SMA Fuel Solution about 4,560 tons CO2 per year can be saved. The project has been designed, and implemented by the SMA Sunbelt Energy GmbH.

SMA Sunny Central Storage St. Eustatius  Karibik

St. Eustatius, Caribbean

November 2017

Grid forming inverters, overall power and energy management system

Installed PV power
4.15 MWp

Installed Storage capacity
5.9 MWh

Diesel capacity

Annual energy yield
6,400 MWh

Annual diesel savings
> 1,700,000 liters

Island Load

System Technology
2 x Sunny Central Storage 2200 Grid Forming in 2 x MVPS 2200 and 1 x Sunny Central Storage 1000 in MVPS 1000
PV: 2 x Sunny Central 1000CP XT in 1 x MVPS 2000 and 74 SMA Sunny Tripower 25000TL-30
Control: FSC 2.0 with Automatic Genset Shutdown

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