The SMA Charge S software for e-mobility

Your home charging station: driven by the sun

SMA Charge S: The software for convenient charging at home

Having your very own solar charging station right on your doorstep could happen sooner than you think. With the SMA Charge S software, system operators can easily expand their PV system by e-mobility. They can then charge electric vehicles in a way that makes sense both environmentally and economically – and above all, right on their own doorstep.

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Benefits SMA Home Energy Solution

Sustainably reduce energy costs

Quick and reliable charging

On the road with clean energy

Clear and transparent

Necessary components

The basis: SMA Home Energy Solution

With PV system, SMA inverter including SMA ShadeFix (optional) One system. Everything from a single source. The SMA Home Energy Solution is the perfect combination of highquality components, intelligent management and exceptional service. Its modular design means that getting started is easy and allows the system to be upgraded to suit your budget and requirements – anytime and with no hassle.

EEBUS is an international, uniform communication standard for the intelligent networking of home appliances and energy efficiency applications.

SMA Data Manager M Lite

SMA Data Manager M Lite

The SMA Data Manager M Lite combined with the SMA Charge S software ensures that charging the electric vehicle takes priority when the PV system is producing enough solar energy or the grid current is particularly favorable.

EEBUS-compatible charging system

EEBUS-compatible charging system

Combined with an EEBUS compatible charging station, the SMA Data Manager M Lite together with the SMA Charge S software automatically schedules the charging process for electric vehicles according to the individual requirements of its users.

Turn your customers’ PV system into a solar charging station in just five steps

  1. You can purchase the SMA Charge S software in the SMA e-shop

  2. After successfully completing the order process, you will receive an order confirmation sent to the specified e-mail address.

  3. You will receive the activation key for the SMA Charge S software in a separate e-mail.

  4. On the Data Manager M Lite user interface, unlock SMA Charge S using the activation key.

  5. Your customers can charge their electric vehicles with the solar power from their own PV systems.

SMA Charge S


With Sunny Design, you can plan your tailor-made PV system in just a few clicks.

Planning tool Sunny Design

With Sunny Design, you can plan your tailor-made PV system in just a few clicks.

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