Grid Relief via Intelligent Increase in Self-consumption: SMA Becomes a Partner in the "E-Energy" Flagship Project

SMA Solar Technology AG will become a partner in the E-Energy program, which has been declared a flagship project by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. New solutions for future distributed energy-supply structures will be developed within the scope of this project, which was initiated by Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and is a focal point of its support. The goal of this project is to use information and communications technologies to help operate intelligent energy systems known as Smart Grids. These grids will be comprised of numerous power-generating plants – an increasing number of which will use renewable energy sources – that will communicate with an electrical grid’s infrastructure and appliances in homes. In light of this, a central aspect taken into consideration is the self-consumption of solar power. In this context, as the world’s leading inverter manufacturer, SMA offers the Sunny Home Manager, a technologically sophisticated and at the same time easy-to-use solution for intelligently increasing self-consumption. Thanks to this partnership, SMA can once again demonstrate its technological leadership: the Sunny Home Manager plays an important role in reducing strain on power grids.