Flexible, easy to use, efficient: SMA presents the new Sunny Boy 3000HF

SMA Solar Technology AG introduces the latest SMA inverter generation with high-frequency transformer - the new Sunny Boy 3000HF. Only a few exceptional features of the new Sunny Boy 3000HF: flexible for the plant design, highly efficient and easy to install. The device will be available starting mid 2010. With an efficiency of over 96 percent, a weight of only 18 kilograms and numerous technological innovations, the Sunny Boy 3000HF provides an optimum in this performance class with galvanic isolation. The new devices are additionally available in the performance classes of 2 and 2.5 kW – for an individual PV plant design.

Flexible planning
"The Sunny Boy 3000HF offers nearly unlimited variation possibilities when designing a plant. A large number of modules is covered by only two strings, while the input voltage range reaches from 175 to 700 V. This reduces both the number of strings and the installation costs," says Roland Grebe, Chief Technology Officer. The Sunny Boy is flexible and easy to configure in case module grounding is necessary: a simple plug module, the SMA 'Plug-in Grounding', is available for a quick and uncomplicated connection of a DC pole to ground. In doing so, the polarity is easily defined by the orientation in which the grounding set is attached. Due to the new and easy way of grounding, a usage of various cell technologies is possible.

Quick installation
The Sunny Boy 3000HF is now slimmer and lighter. With only 18 kilograms it has half the weight in comparison to similar models with low-frequency transformer. "This reduction of weight results in another large step towards an easy mounting for the installer. Considering all further innovations that we have integrated, the Sunny Boy 3000HF sets new technological standards," says Grebe. The SMA development engineers made the configuration of the inverter even better: the 'Quick Module' communication unit permits the installer to configure the inverter without opening the enclosure. The easily accessible connection compartment containing both the DC plug system SUNCLIX and the plug connector on the AC side guarantees a quick and safe installation. The integrated interface on the inverter enables the wireless system communication via Bluetooth®. A great deal of installation time is saved due to the fact that the country specific configuration of the inverter is done with rotary switches.

High yield due to latest technologies
The maximum efficiency of over 96 percent lets the Sunny Boy 3000HF set new standards for devices of this performance class with galvanic separation. Together with the proven SMA technologies like the Electronic Solar Switch (ESS), the MPP-tracking system OptiTrac and the active cooling concept OptiCool, the Sunny Boy 3000HF combines maximum user convenience with attractive yields: thanks to OptiTrac, the device perfectly adjusts to the specific irradiation conditions and reacts quickly and precisely in case of irregular changes of radiation values. The result: the PV generator works with an energy yield which can be up to 1.5 percent higher. "Of course, this is optimal for the operator. Additionally, the intelligent temperature management OptiCool ensures that the nominal power of the inverter can still be fed into the grid in case of higher ambient temperatures. As the cooling air is conducted along the rear panel, the temperature of the electronic components can be reliably decreased. This guarantees maximum reliability and improves the yield once again," explains Grebe.

User convenience
The new Sunny Boy 3000HF is very user-friendly because of the elegant design, the large graphic display and the Bluetooth interface. The large, multi-language graphic-display indicates the current energy harvest to the operator. Last but not least, the specific requirements for the usage in the USA have been taken into account. The aluminum die-cast enclosure is especially slim and can therefore be easily fixed to timber-frame walls. "In the long run, we consider the US photovoltaics market to be the largest solar market in the world," says Roland Grebe. The company focused on the special customer requirements in the USA with respect to this background. The bottom part of the inverter is configured according to the individual connection requirements in the USA depending on where the inverter is to be installed.

More than 20 years ago, SMA introduced the PV-WR 1500 with high-frequency transformer to the market and is considered to be the pioneer in HF technology. "Today's devices are not only smaller, lighter and have very wide input voltage ranges. Thanks to a number of SMA innovations they have excellent efficiencies, which we implement with respect to many years of experience in the HF technologies," Grebe says about the background of development. The new Sunny Boy 3000HF impressively demonstrates how leading edge technology was able to contribute to more efficiency and easier installation - which results in significant advantages for installers and operators.

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