Current delivery times at SMA

We deliver - it may just take a little longer.

Solar inverters as well as storage and energy management solutions are currently experiencing enormous demand. No wonder, because the switch to renewable energies has many advantages for users in the private and commercial sector:

  • Decisive contribution to more environmental and climate protection

  • Acceleration of the energy transition

  • Reduction of electricity costs

  • More independence from rising energy prices

Perspective Delivery Situation Summer - Autumn 2023

The positive trend from the early part of the year is continuing with a steady increase in delivery volumes. SMA products are once again readily available to wholesalers, and thus to end customers via installation companies. There may still be restrictions in some cases, but in this situation we will keep distributors promptly informed of the latest dates.

Having completed its gigawatt factory, SMA is now doubling production capacity and laying the foundations for stable supply chains. More than 200 jobs will be created at the Niestetal site, Germany, underpinning the expansion of a sustainable energy supply.

April 2023: Update on the delivery situation

Good news for system operators: the tense situation on the global market is gradually improving. As a manufacturer, SMA is now once again able to supply wholesalers in all segments in significantly higher quantities. This currently particularly applies to our offering in the Home segment, which includes numerous SMA products for private residential PV systems, including storage solutions and e-mobility. Inverters for commercial use are also more readily available again. In some cases, there will be still some restrictions on the delivery time for some inverter types. In such cases we will inform our trading partners about the situation in good time.

Tense supply situation on the world market

For several months now, delivery times at all manufacturers have increased, in some cases dramatically. This is primarily due to the combination of increased demand and the severe shortage of semiconductors and electronic components on the world market as well as disrupted supply chains worldwide. This is because the supply situation on the world market is very tight overall due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Supply chains are repeatedly interrupted and the build-up of additional capacities in the semiconductor industry takes time.

This development also affects manufacturers in the solar industry. We at SMA are also currently experiencing a high level of dynamism in the market and a partly very short-term adjustment of current product availabilities and delivery times. Despite the global supply bottlenecks and delays in the supply chains, we are doing everything we can to meet the high demand in the best possible way. After all, when, if not now, would be a better time to switch to renewable energies for power supply - or to expand existing solutions?

Tense supply situation on the world market

Longer waiting times are currently unavoidable

Nevertheless, there will be delays in delivery in individual cases and thus longer waiting times into the coming year 2024. Because despite all the efforts we are making: The electronic "chips" used in our inverters and energy management solutions cannot be easily replaced by alternative components. Our devices are the heart and intelligence in every solar system. Among other things, they ensure that the various applications work together without any problems, for example, that the electric vehicle can be charged with self-generated solar power from your own roof. And because we attach great importance to the durability and reliability of our products, we do not compromise on quality, even in the current tense situation.

Longer waiting times are currently unavoidable

Video-Statement Boris Wolff, EVP Sales, Service & Marketing

What we do to mitigate the consequences of component shortages

The good news is: SMA is able to deliver - even if it takes longer. Because we have taken extensive measures to manage and cushion the ongoing supply crisis and its consequences for our customers and users as best as possible: 

  • Establishment of a cross-divisional task force for the continuous development, evaluation and implementation of procurement, production and allocation measures  

  • Close cooperation with the procurement teams of our semiconductor suppliers 

  • Daily escalation meetings with critical suppliers and their involved sub-suppliers at all management levels 

  • Focus on alternative devices and use of redesign opportunities of particularly affected series wherever possible 

  • High transparency towards our trading partners - we inform 4 to 6 months in advance about the delivery quantities of the individual products  

What we do to mitigate the consequences of component shortages

Our recommendation: Stick to your decision!

  • The use of renewable energies is important and right for the success of the energy turnaround - even if it can take a while to get all the components in place. 

  • High quality is the condition for durable products and a long service life of your plant. Do not compromise here. It does not pay off. 

  • Contact a specialist installer in your area. Use the SMA installer search to find qualified SMA Solar partners who can advise you.  

The only way to mitigate the consequences of climate change is to expand renewable energies! Become part of the energy transition. Even if you have to be patient at the moment - we deliver! 

Our recommendation: Stick to your decision!


How long will the shortage of critical components last?

At present, we are also not in a position to reliably forecast further developments. Based on our current knowledge, we expect material supplies to remain tight in the coming months due to the highly dynamic supplier environment, but to improve gradually.

How badly is SMA affected?

We have also relied on the delivery commitments of the semiconductor industry and made them the basis of our planning. In order to be able to meet the continuing high demand for SMA devices, we maintain sufficient production capacities. Due to the withdrawal, in part at very short notice, of deliveries already promised by the semiconductor industry, we are currently unable to use this capacity in full. This leads directly to production restrictions for some of our devices, although we are doing everything we can to realize some of these quantities on time. Nevertheless, from today's perspective, we will unfortunately not be able to deliver all confirmed devices on time.  

Is it worth waiting until prices fall again before placing an order?

That is difficult to answer, because no one can currently predict how long the crisis will last. In addition, each plant must be considered individually. Let an SMA Solar Partner advise you. He can best evaluate your individual needs and propose a solution. 

When can I expect delivery of the SMA product I ordered?

We regularly supply our trading partners with our products, which are then delivered to you via a specialist dealer. Due to the complexity and dynamics of the market for electronic components, it is sometimes impossible to avoid short-term changes in delivery dates. For this reason, we inform our direct purchasing trade partners weekly about the current situation, and 3 to 4 months in advance about the delivery quantities of the individual products. If you have any questions, please contact your specialist dealer and ask for confirmation that your delivery date is not a forecast, but has been counter-confirmed by SMA.

Who is my contact person in the event of a delivery delay?

As a manufacturer, SMA supplies the wholesale market. Professional solar power companies should contact their responsible wholesaler directly. End customers should first check with their installer regarding the delivery date.