PV Kraftwerk Otjozondjupa, Namibia

HopSol Otjozondjupa SolarPark – 5 MW

Utility-scale pv power plant – Namibia, 2016

Otjozondjupa Solar Park, developed by HopSol Africa, was built within only 3 months and is the largest grid-connected solar PV plant in Namibia to date. The 5 MW PV power plant accounts for approx. 1 percent of the country’s total electricity capacity and produces enough power to supply 3,700 households in Namibia.

The project displaces 19,000 metric tons of water per year since solar power requires no water for power generation and consumes less water than most other conventional and renewable generation technologies in the production process.

SMA Sunny Tripower Otjozondjupa, Namibia

Otjiwarongo, Namibia


Specific requirements
Hot temperatures; cloudy times with low light conditions

Nominal power
5 MWp

Annual energy yield
approx. 14,000 MWh

CO2 Savings
approx. 9,839 t/year

Gasoline Savings
approx. 300,000 litres/ year

System Technology

  • 93 SMA Sunny Tripower 60
  • 3 SMA Inverter Manager
  • 52,000 First Solar Thin Film Module

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