PV-Diesel-Hybrid-System Chowchilla, USA

Commercial PV power plant – USA, 2014

Red Top Jersey's Dairy, California – 1 MW

Land allocation is something the team at the Red Top Jersey Dairy takes very seriously. Thankfully for this farming operation, the five acres of land are still contributing to the farm’s bottom line by harvesting solar power to offset 86 % of all electrical needs.

The decision for a ground mounted solar system, designed and installed by JKB Energy, took into consideration the additional ability to expand it in the future.

SMA Sunny Tripower

Chowchilla, California, USA


Nominal power
1 MWp

Annual energy yield
1,746,504 kWh

Electricty bill reduction
86% anually

CO2 savings
about 70,000,000 lbs.

Payback period
10 years

System Technology
40 Sunny Tripower 24000TL-US
1 Sunny Tripower 12000TL-US
3,500 JA Sola 310-watt modules

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