SMA HYBRID CONTROLLER - SMA plant management solutions for seamless power integration

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Optimal control of on-grid and off-grid large scale PV projects

The SMA Hybrid Controller intelligently controls energy flows and enables seamless integration of renewable energies into power grids.

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Your benefits:

  • Optimal automatic control of all generators and storage systems
  • Operate micro grids based entirely on renewable energies
  • Save fuel with diesel-off mode
  • Proven grid management functions reduce project risks

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, the SMA Hybrid Controller offers clearly structured configuration wizards and full transparency on energy flows for your PV power plant project anywhere in the world.

SMA Hybrid Controller in the field

Become independent anywhere on the planet

Cost-effective - SMA Hybrid Controller


  • Increases yields
  • Easy installation
  • Fast commissioning
  • Remote monitoring and system setting with SCADA

Scalable - SMA Hybrid Controller


  • Modular design for customization and system expansion
  • A wealth of functions for various penetration levels

Flexible - SMA Hybrid Controller


  • The right configuration for every system size
  • Storage systems can be integrated

Robust - SMA Hybrid Controller


  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Fully tested industrial grade components

SMA Hybrid Controller - More flexibility for new opportunities