Optimal operational management and maintenance for PV and storage power plants

SMA Operations & Maintenance Maximum power. Minimum risk.

Tailored solutions for higher yields

Regularly maintained PV and storage power plants generate up to 30 percent more power. It is therefore worth taking a proactive stance when it comes to the performance of your power plant.

SMA Operations & Maintenance services helps you achieve maximum yields and system availability. As a result, your investment in a PV or storage power plant will pay off particularly quickly.

SMA Operations & Maintenance



Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Reliable system availability

Reliable system availability

Maximum return on investment

Maximum return on investment

More flexibility with battery-storage systems

Storage power plants provide energy security and grid stability worldwide. SMA is a world-leading specialist in the storage of energy in grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid systems. Our predictive maintenance strategy ensures that storage capacity is reliably available when it is needed, thus safeguarding your investment in a particularly sustainable way.

  • Active remote monitoring of system performance 24/7

  • Trouble-free system communication in accordance with the latest safety regulations

  • Maintenance of all system components

  • Availability and performance guarantees

Flexible use of Energy - SMA Solar Technology AG

Close by, 24 hours a day

At our monitoring centers in the U.S. (California) and Germany, we analyze the system performance of your power plant around the clock in real time.

You benefit from:

  • Fast on-site service

  • Optimized system performance

  • Professional partner management

  • Real-time system status information

  • Safeguards against yield losses

On-site maintenance services

  • Local service operations and systems management

  • Corrective and preventative maintenance

  • Thermal scans

  • String performance testing

  • Calibration services


Remote service operations with maximum cybersecurity

  • System monitoring and reporting

  • System administration services

  • Firmware updates

  • Consideration of international standards, such as IEC 62443

  • Secure data storage on EU servers

Additional services

  • Module cleaning

  • Greenkeeping

  • Pest control

  • Site surveillance and security

SMA O&M - Zusatzleistungen für optimale Erträge
Upside Consulting, Germany

Upside Consulting, Germany

SMA has been providing O&M services for the Upside Consulting group’s 48 MW battery-storage system portfolio since 2018. The storage power plants provide operating reserve for frequency stabilization and thereby prevent large-scale power outages.

Brookfield Renewable, U.S.

SMA has been taking care of operational management and maintenance services for Brookfield Renewable’s PV systems in North America since the beginning of 2020. The ten-year contracts cover 1 gigawatt of the existing decentralized and centralized solar portfolio. The systems are operated in accordance with the requirements of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).


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