SMA Power Plant Manager - The turnkey solution for intelligent plant control


Turnkey energy management for power plants

With the new Power Plant Manager, SMA offers a complete solution for the energy management of megawatt-range PV power plants. The Power Plant Manager monitors and controls grid-compliant energy generation in power plants. The Power Plant Manager can be expanded as needed and is ideally suited to the requirements of hybrid energy generation and intelligent connectivity.

Benefits at a glance

Reliable and secure connection

  • Powerful and robust
  • Control, monitoring, diagnostics and parameterization
  • Fulfills the most stringent international security standards


  • Flexible integration of storage systems and other energy generators and loads
  • Access to the energy markets of the future
  • Easy to expand thanks to the modular system concept


  • Highly dynamic plant control
  • Complies with international grid integration requirements
  • Central information interface for the entire power plant

Designed for the future

SMA Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS - Analysis Pro

Thanks to the Power Plant Manager, you are ideally equipped to handle new business models in the energy market of tomorrow. The Power Plant Manager ensures that your power plant runs efficiently and also helps stabilize the utility grid. As an individual, turnkey solution, it is available with other system components such as the SMA Hybrid Controller. The Sunny Portal monitoring platform allows you to track the efficiency of your power plant – any time, anywhere.

Instant reactions

The Power Plant Manager controls all the parameters required for stable utility grids.

Intelligently optimized

The Power Plant Manager makes it easier to manage PV power plants, saving you time and money

The Power Plant Manager makes it easier to manage PV power plants, saving you time and money:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Remote services and diagnostics
  • Easy overview of entire portfolio
  • Faster localization and rectification of errors
  • Central interface for O&M