SMA DC-DC CONVERTER - Greater efficiency for large PV power plants


Intelligently Control the Flow of Power

The new SMA DC-DC converter allows designers to increase their PV power plant’s yields by oversizing the DC array without compromising energy losses. This is accomplished with the new DC-coupling option and the generous DC–AC ratios of the Sunny Central EV inverter series. The inverter can intelligently control the flow of power for many different use-cases, including clipped-loss capturing. The stored energy can be fed in at attractive times, for example, in the morning or at night, to achieve a better price-point for the energy. Grid operators are able to benefit from grid services, such as frequency control or time-based feed-in schedules. Up to six DC-DC converters can be connected and operated simultaneously on the Sunny Central inverter. This minimizes battery short-circuits currents for high energy applications and avoids the need for additional and expensive protection measures inside the battery container.

SMA DC-DC CONVERTER - Intelligently control the flow of power
DC Coupling PV Storage - SMA Solar Technology

Benefits of DC-coupled system layout

  • Retrofittable (storage solution can be integrated anytime)
  • Step-up/step-down converter with battery charge/discharge function
  • Limits high short-circuit currents of the battery
  • Intelligent power flow control of the system in the Sunny Central
  • Coordinated protection concept with Sunny Central
  • High efficiency at different DC voltages as well as partial and full load
  • Enables new business models
Optimum integration

Optimum integration

  • Plug N´Play Connection
  • No external controller required
  • Full tested and certified solution
Fast Installation

Fast Installation

  • No additional combiner needed
  • Use of storage independant of PV
  • Retrofittable & Future Proof
Maximum Safety

Maximum Safety

  • Safe converter design
  • Reliable product
  • Complies to all relevant standards
High Flexibility

High Flexibility

  • Small power blocks = Easy to scale
  • Extremely wide voltage window
  • System capable of large DC/AC ratios
Easy Commissioning

Easy Commissioning

  • Single point of contact for Service
  • Reduction of risks & finger pointing
  • All conversation units from a single source


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