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The software Yasdi is suitable for the development of individual applications for the communication with SMA products.

Yasdi is an implementation of the SMA Data Protocols, through which our inverters communicate with other SMA devices. It is available as an archive and spares you implementing the protocols yourself.

The software exists entirely in source code and was developed in the programming language "C". It has been designed to allow quick and easy porting to other operating systems.

  • For the following Systems: Linux, Windows32, WindowsCE, MacOSX, RTKernel32, (AmigaOS, .... )
  • Archive available. Under Linux: Shared Objects (".so"). Under Windows: DLL
  • Communication via RS232, RS485 and Powerline
  • Request for current data possible.
  • Supports changes to parameters
  • Simple to port

Please note

  • Before you can download Yasdi you must accept the Licence Agreement.
  • The readout of recorded data of a Sunny Boy Control or Sunny Beam is unfortunately not possible.
  • Unfortunately we can offer no support for parts of the software.

Please note that we offer no support for parts of the Software.

Please also note that you must accept the Licence Agreement before you can download YASDI.

  • Download YASDI Source Code
  • Download YASDI compiled for Windows32
  • Download YASDI Documentation as PDF
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