Strategy 2020 - SMA Solar Technology AG

Corporate Strategy 2020

Energy supply structures are undergoing fundamental change all over the world. After the pioneer phase of renewable energies, now follows the digitization of the energy industry. In the foreseeable future, the energy supply will be decentralized, renewable, fully digital and interconnected. Photovoltaics will play an essential part as the most cost-effective source of energy. Keeping this in mind, in 2016, the SMA Managing Board together with a selected team formulated the SMA Strategy 2020 with clear objectives for the years to come.

Our objectives

Global market leader in all segments
SMA’s goal is to make consistent use of growth opportunities in all market sectors and regions and to be the global market leader in sales in every one of our market segments – Residential, Commercial, Utility, Service and Off-Grid and Storage.

Provider of systems and solutions
The ability to offer both individual components and entire systems and solutions including innovative services is becoming an important, distinguishing feature in the photovoltaics industry. SMA has therefore set itself the target of increasing the proportion of sales it generates outside inverters from around 20% at present to over 40% by 2020.

Sustainable profitability and limited capital tie-up
To counter the high price pressure still expected, SMA is striving for continual process improvements and increases in efficiency. If necessary, profitability will be ensured through the reduction in structural costs.

Development of SMA by means of disruptive approaches
The digitalization of the energy supply is giving rise to business opportunities that demand novel approaches. In order to make use of the resulting opportunities, SMA focuses on disruptive technological approaches, data-based business models and end-to-end sales models in new, legally independent business units.

SMA is an attractive company
Motivated employees with an international, entrepreneurial mindset and approach coupled with reputability among all stakeholders are important factors for SMA’s success in a dynamic market environment. We therefore practice our values and allow SMA employees the freedom for responsible, entrepreneurial action. We stand out, both internally and externally, because of fairness, internationality and sustainability.

Our vision, mission and values

Our forward-looking vision and mission as well as our values, with which every SMA employee is aligned, are enshrined in the SMA Strategy 2020. The Strategy 2020 was presented to all SMA employees worldwide and will provide the strategic framework for our activities.

Our vision is to make people completely independent in the supply of energy using decentralized renewable energy in a connected world.

Our mission is to integrate and network photovoltaics, storage systems and mobility with intelligent energy management. With our superior solutions, we will shape the energy supply of the future.

Our corporate values of trust, performance and team spirit provide guidance for the actions of all SMA employees worldwide.