Innovation at SMA - We bring new energy to life.

Every innovation stems from a vision, and ours is to provide people all over the globe with sustainable energy. At SMA, we have pioneers, lateral thinkers and visionaries who turn bold ideas into products and solutions that are fit for the future. SMA technologies enable our customers worldwide to assume a leading role in the production and use of solar power. For decades, we have been setting benchmarks and making the renewable energy supply future-proof – with a passion that is fueled by our belief in our vision.

More than
100 GW
of inverter power installed in over

patents and utility models worldwide

€63 m.
invested in research and development*

*in 2019

registered systems and around
2 m.
registered devices in Sunny Portal

Matthias Victor (Head of Innovation Center & IP bei SMA)
Verena Drews (Consultant, Technology Development Center bei SMA)
Benjamin Blaurock (Digital components product manager)
Julia Wieland (Strategic organizational development manager at SMA)
Alina Piecha (Process manager, Future Business & Innovation Management bei SMA)
Petra Nawratil (Product manager, Power Conversion Home bei SMA)
Innovative Entwicklung - We design progress - SMA Solar Technology AG

Innovative development
We design progress.

Improving what we already have and thinking forward to tomorrow, today is the key to our success. That’s why research and development aren’t just key figures, but the foundation stone of our competitiveness. In close partnership with our customers and development partners and within research networks, we have more than 3,000 employees worldwide working to develop solutions and devices that are impressive from a technological and an economic perspective. A track record of over 1,600 patents is the driver and benchmark of our innovative prowess. That’s the yardstick we measure ourselves by.

Pioneering spirit
We are open-minded, but in touch with reality.

We are passionate about renewable energy. We have been shaping the global energy transition for 40 years. Our inverters set technological benchmarks and our services set standards for the photovoltaics industry and the energy industry as a whole. We always have our finger on the pulse and progress drives us forward. We harness digital disruption as an opportunity for new smart technologies and applications for an energy supply that is 100% based on renewables.

Pioneering spirit - SMA Solar Technology AG
Innovation culture - SMA Solar Technology AG

Innovation culture
We draw on diversity and team spirit.

Our capacity for innovation is the key to our success. Particularly in the digital age, our employees are at the heart of it all. It’s the diversity of our teams that makes the profitable difference. We encourage interaction, team spirit and creativity through an inspirational and state-of-the-art working environment that transcends restrictive office walls and national borders. This is a playground in which new ideas, ways of thinking and perspectives on the energy supply of the future are developed each day anew.

Innovative business models
We are drivers of the energy transition.

The energy transition is fast-paced and dynamic, just like us. We actively help to shape technological, social and economic trends for an energy supply based on renewable energy. Equipped with our digital, data-based business models and in partnership with our subsidiaries elexon, emerce and coneva, we respond to current market developments and customer requirements. This enables us to identify new trends quickly and unlock profitable potential.

Innovative business models - SMA Solar Technology AG
New work - SMA Solar Technology AG

New work
We love innovation.

Trying out new methods and adopting a playful rather than a cookie-cutter approach are both actively encouraged behaviors at SMA. Where necessary, we break up old structures and flexibly adapt to changing structures. We actively involve our employees in what goes on at the company with methods such as scrum, design thinking and innovation kickboxing. Fun and passion drive our creativity and motivation as individuals. They aren’t just means to an end, but the basis for our success.

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Non-Financial Report 2019
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Let’s shape the energy transition together. We are happy to receive specific project queries and any innovative ideas/suggestions

Let’s shape the energy transition together. We are happy to receive specific project queries and any innovative ideas/suggestions: