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There have always been people who were more curious, courageous and willing to take risks than the rest – visionaries who made new discoveries, pushed the bounds of the imaginable and made the world that little bit better.

SMA PVPioneers

In the past ridiculed, but now all the rage

More than 30 years ago, solar pioneers installed the very first PV systems and – against all odds – laid the foundations of the current energy transition.

We would like to express our gratitude and put the spotlight on these pioneers of the past. Did you also believe photovoltaics would be a great success, even in the early years? Do you have a PV system with an SMA PV or battery inverter that is still going strong? Then take part in our competition!

Be in with the chance of winning one of 15 high-quality solar outdoor packs!


  • 1 x waterproof GPS smartwatch with solar charging function
  • 1 x solar backpack with integrated 7-watt solar panel
  • 1 x 40 W 18 V solar charger
  • 1 x LED collapsible camping light

How to take part:

  1. Take photos of you and your inverter [include a selfie in a right-aligned format].
  2. Post the photo on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter by December 31, 2020,
    • citing the hashtag #PVPioneers,
    • the age of the inverter and
    • preferably a bit of information about the system.
    What if you don’t have a social media account?
    Not to worry; just e-mail ( your photos to us or send them by post.
    The photos will be posted publicly on a social wall, which is a kind of virtual gallery.
  3. A jury will select the best contributions.
  4. With a bit of luck, you will win one of fifteen exclusive Solar Explorer Packs.

Here’s a link to the conditions of participation.

SMA PV Pioneer

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You may not be a solar pioneer,

but do you want to liberate yourself from rising electricity costs and protect the environment?

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