Central fotovoltaica Yeniyayla, Turquía

Utility-scale PV power plant – Turkey, 2015

Yeniyayla – 2.75 MW

The PV power plant in Yeniyayla in the Turkish province of Adana was one of the first large-scale PV power plants to be installed in this region. Requirements of the local utility company had been discussed prior to the commissioning.

The Sunny Central inverter encompasses all grid management functions, including Q at Night. The computer platform is used for optimal monitoring and control.

SMA Sunny Central

Adana, Turkey


Nominal power
2.75 MWp

Annual energy yield
4,850 MWh

System Technology
2 SMA Sunny Central 900 CP
1 SMA Sunny Central 720 CP
Modules: Jinko/ Hanwha

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