Gannawarra Solar Farm – 60 MW

Utility-Scale PV Power Plant – Australia, 2018

The Gannawarra Solar Farm is the first large-scale solar farm in Victoria. It is powering 18,100 Victorian households. The solar farm is owned by Wirsol Energy and is built with 11 MVPS from SMA including a Power Plant Controller for park control. The solar farm is spread over 132 hectares and is integrated with the Gannawarra Energy Storage System – a 25MW / 50MWh Tesla Powerpack battery. It is the first integrated renewables and battery system in Victoria and among the first in Australia; the first retrofit of a battery to an existing or under-construction solar farm; and among the largest integrated renewables and battery systems in the world. The system is jointly owned by Wirsol Energy and Edify Energy.

Victoria, Australia


Combination with a storage system

Nominal power
60.23 MWp

Annual energy yield
123 GWh

Annual COsavings
about 137,000 tons

System Technology
11 MVPS 5000SC-EV
1 Power Plant Controller
JA solar modules

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