BROSA AG – 525.816 KWp

Commercial PV Power Plant – Germany, 2017

Brosa AG decided to install a solar system on the flat roof of their building. Thanks to the new Sunny Tripower CORE1 inverters and 1608 solar modules about 60 % of the energy demand of the company are now covered with self produced clean solar power. This means more independence and less energy costs. The STP CORE1 is the perfect solution for commercial rooftop installation due to its easy and fast installation possibilities.

Tettnang, Germany

November 2017

Specific requirements
Isolated lightning and overvoltage protection, permanent fall device, static restriction: < 20kg / square meter

Nominal power
525.816 KWp

Annual energy yield
450 – 500 MWh

CO2 savings
about 310 ts/year

System Technology
10 Sunny Tripower CORE1
1 SMA Cluster Controller
1 SMA Energy Meter
1608 Sunpower modules

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