Commercial PV Power Plant – Carrefour Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Commercial PV Power Plant – Dominican Republic, 2016

Carrefour Santo Domingo – 1.23 MWp

The biggest solar roof in the Dominican Republic is also the biggest solar roof in the Carribean. EPC Solarelectric installed 4,744 polycristalline modules and 42 Sunny Tripower inverters at the Carrefour in Santo Domingo. The PV installation delivers about 1,775 MWh clean solar power per year.

A large part of the supermarket’s energy need can be covered with this clean energy. The electricity produced on the roof would cover the needs of about 300 households.

SMA Sunny Tripower

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

November 2015

Nominal power
1.23 MWp

Annual energy yield
about 1,775 MWh

CO2 Savings
>1000 tons / year

System Technology
40 SMA Sunny Tripower 24 (STP24000TL-US-10)
2 SMA Sunny Tripower 20 (STP20000TL-US-10)
1 SMA Cluster Controller
4,744 modules: Canadian Solar CS6P 260W (polycristalline)

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