Central fotovoltaica Lerchenborg, Dinamarca

Utility-scale PV power plant – Denmark, 2015

Gut Lerchenborg – 61 MW

Denmark’s largest solar park on over 80 hectares of land produces enough power to supply 30,000 households with green power. It is ideally located just next to the sea and profits from a high level of insolation and a constant wind for cooling the modules.

The close proximity of a number of potential direct consumers is another benefit, particularly if the feed-in tariff ends

SMA Sunny Tripower Lerchenborg, Denmark

Lerchenborg, Denmark

December 2015

Nominal power
61 MWp

Annual energy yield
61.244 MWh

248.730 Astronergy

System Technology
1750 SMA Sunny Tripower 25000TL-30
40 SMA Cluster Controller
16 Communit communication distributor
2 Sunny Webbox
2 Power Plant Controller

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