Battery inverter for large-scale storage systems

Sunny Central Storage UP

Battery inverter for large-scale storage systems

With an output of up to 3960 kVA and system voltages up to 1500 V DC, the SMA Sunny Central Storage allows for more efficient and flexible system design for battery power plants. A separate voltage supply and additional space are available for the installation of customer equipment. True 1500 V technology and the intelligent cooling system OptiCool ensure smooth operation even in extreme ambient temperature.

More benefits


  • Up to 4 inverters can be transported in one standard shipping container
  • Higher power density


  • Intelligent air cooling system OptiCool for efficient cooling
  • Suitable for outdoor use in all climatic ambient conditions worldwide


  • One device for all applications
  • Stand-alone device or turnkey solution with SMA medium-voltage system


  • Integrated battery communication
  • Customized monitoring and control of inverters
  • Grid management functions for dynamic grid support
  • Integrated voltage supply for internal consumption and external loads

Sunny Central Storage UP



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