SMA Storage Solutions for PV Applications
of All Types and Sizes



  • Significant cost savings through higher self-consumption
  • Intelligent energy management of self-generated solar power
  • Greater independence from rising energy prices
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Unique Selection

  • SMA inverters are compatible with all leading storage technologies
  • SMA storage solutions are suited to PV systems of any power class, from residential systems to PV power plants
  • Our solutions provide flexible options for even more individually available solar power
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  • SMA is the only inverter manufacturer to collaborate with nearly all of the world’s leading manufacturers of stationary, battery-storage systems
  • With SMA, you profit from innovative technologies and worldwide standards
  • Optimal integration thanks to standardized interfaces

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The New Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 – Cost-Effective, Flexible, Simple

Independent electricity supply for your home

The Sunny Boy Storage is a cost-effective solution for high-voltage batteries developed by major manufacturers. It helps make your home less dependent on electric utility companies and right away allows you to use your self-generated electricity at rates comparable to standard household electricity rates.

The Sunny Boy Storage is ideally matched to the electricity demand in your own four walls and can be adjusted at any time in line with your individual energy requirements, giving you maximum flexibility both now and in the future.

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You save energy costs

  • The costs of storing electrical energy are comparable to your standard household electricity rates.
  • As an electricity producer, you enjoy greater independence from your standard electric utility company.

You are flexible

  • Regardless of whether you already own a PV system, are in the process of planning a system, or are looking to expand your existing system, the Sunny Boy Storage is the right solution for almost any requirement.
  • The Sunny Boy Storage is currently compatible with high-voltage batteries developed by major manufacturers.
  • The Sunny Boy Storage fits right in with your individual living circumstances, whether you want to use it for solar or wind energy, eMobility, CHP plants or heat pumps.


  • The Sunny Boy Storage weighs just 9 kg and can be easily installed by your solar power professional.
  • Your solar power professional can configure the Sunny Boy Storage quickly and easily via WLAN or using a cell phone.
  • The integrated connection with our online portal enables you to call up your system’s current energy data at any time, allowing you to keep track of energy costs and potential savings.


By integrating storage systems into your PV system you can use your self-generated solar power even more efficiently and reduce costs:

  • You consume more of your own solar electricity
  • You consume electricity when you need it
  • You become independent from rising electricity prices

SMA offers customized solutions for individual needs

You can choose between a PV system with an integrated storage system that offers a particularly favorable cost-benefit ratio, or a PV system with a flexible storage system that makes it possible to configure storage capacities according to your needs.

With our solutions, you are able to ensure a sustainable and affordable electricity supply, even without access to the utility grid.

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An excellent combination of inverter and battery:

  • Consume more solar electricity yourself
  • Simple installation, no battery sizing required

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The SUNNY BOY SE in use
Small-sized integrated storage system with maximum efficiency
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With SMA storage solutions for commercial applications, you can use your own affordable solar power even more efficiently.

  • Increase your self-consumption and save on electricity costs
  • Reduce your operating costs and increase your company’s efficiency

In addition, in off-grid regions, you profit from reliable and sustainable emergency and backup power supply. You are thus better protected against power outages.

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The versatile specialist for commercial systems and PV power plants
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Our storage solutions for PV power plants make a reliable and affordable energy supply possible.

  • They guarantee a reliable supply by providing energy when it’s needed
  • They flexibly supply electricity and thus compensate fluctuating energy feed-in
  • They ensure grid stability and meet the grid operators’ power station requirements

In addition, by integrating storage systems into PV-diesel hybrid power plants fuel costs and CO2 emissions are reduced.

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Use Cases for Industrial-Scale Battery Storage
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PV and storage system
Energy on demand with the Sunny Central Storage
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