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Simple and Efficient PV System Monitoring

With Sunny Portal, PV system operators and installers can access key system data anytime, anywhere. They can also analyze measured values and visualize and compare yields, meaning that even minor deviations can be detected and resolved quickly.

Sunny Portal is the biggest PV monitoring portal,* with over 250,000 registered systems world-wide and more than 14 GW of monitored PV power in over 160 countries.

*GTM Research comparative study “Global PV Monitoring: Technologies, Markets and Leading Players, 2014–2018”

Everything at a Glance

Sunny Portal visualizes all yield data conveniently and concisely:

  • Live system status data
  • Information about current energy flow (purchased electricity, battery charging)
  • Monitors communication to the portal
  • Monitors inverter performance
  • Weather information for location

Visualized Energy Yields

Sunny Portal offers specialist views of the energy yields, taking into consideration the requirements of different system types. The Sunny Portal features optimal possibilities for analyzing measured values and visualizing yields, whether you need a data table or a diagram.

Always Up to Date

The reporting functions provide reliable updates via e-mail and therefore help ensure yields. Users automatically receive information about their system yields and performance at regular intervals (daily or monthly). If needed, Sunny Portal users can also receive events such as inverter status information.

The Right Solution for Every Need

Whether for residential systems or commercial PV systems, centralized management and monitoring of PV systems saves time and money. With Sunny Portal and the Sunny Portal Professional Package, PV system operators and installers can always view key data. Private PV system operators can also use the SMA Community Portal Sunny Places to exchange and compare PV system data with other users.

Function Sunny Places Sunny Portal Professional Package
Basic Yield Monitoring x x x
Live Data ¹ x x x
Display of Energy Management Information o x x
PV Community and System Comparison x
Setup of a simulated PV system for interested customers x
Management of many Systems x x
Monitoring and Alerting x x
Reporting x x
Configuration and Display of Grid Management Services ¹ x x
Display of all key operating data ¹ o x
5-minutes data resolution ¹ o x
Goal-oriented Data Analysis through professional UI x
Status Overview over entire Portfolio x
x Full support
o Partial support
¹ Depending on used gateway and its configuration

Powerful Package

With the Sunny Portal Professional Package, PV system operators benefit from optimal operation:

  • Clear status display allows for several systems to be monitored at the same time
  • Updating and archiving of PV system data in 5-minute cycles quickly detects deviations
  • Extensive analysis options ensure ideal service planning

Greater Overview with the Status Monitor

The STATUS MONITOR simplifies monitoring of several systems and displays key data at a glance. In this way, the entire system portfolio is monitored efficiently—saving valuable working hours every day.

  • Central monitoring platform for fault detection
  • User-friendly system filters
  • Fast search and filter functions
  • Customized system information displays

More Details with Analysis Pro

The innovative user interface ANALYSIS PRO enables comprehensive, simple and accurate system analysis.

  • Quick fault analysis
  • Analysis of historical PV system data
  • User-defined favorites for fast access

More Energy Balance Data

PV system data is displayed at 5-minute resolution offering users even greater detail.

PV system operators can analyze their daily energy use even more accurately using the detailed energy balance data and can learn about their consumption patterns.

The Ideal Partner for Professional Monitoring

The combination of the Sunny Portal Professional Package and Sunny Home Manager 2.0 is ideally suited for the professional monitoring of systems in the 5 kWp and 50kWp power range.

Users can also read the inverter’s most relevant DC and AC measured values and pull up information about power and yield.

Using the Professional Package, the new generation SMA inverters provide detailed information about the system via Webconnect, which previously was only possible via data loggers.

Purchase the Sunny Portal Professional Package or test it for four weeks free of charge.

Sunny Home Manager 2.0

User Manual

Sunny WebBox, Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth® and SMA Cluster Controller in SUNNY PORTAL - User Manual SPortal-WB-CLCON-BA-en-25.pdf
  • Type: User Manual
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: SPortal-WB-CLCON-BA-en-25
  • Version: 2.5
Micro Inverters in SUNNY PORTAL - Monitoring and Visualization of Plant Data SPortalMGate-BA-en-10.pdf
  • Type: User Manual
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: SPortalMGate-BA-en-10
  • Version: 1.0
User Manual - Webconnect Systems in SUNNY PORTAL SPortalWebcon-BA-en-13.pdf
  • Type: User Manual
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: SPortalWebcon-BA-en-13
  • Version: 1.3
User Manual - SUNNY HOME MANAGER in SUNNY PORTAL HoMan_Portal-BA-en-20.pdf
  • Type: User Manual
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: HoMan_Portal-BA-en-20
  • Version: 2.0

Data sheet

SUNNY PORTAL - Professional management, monitoring and presentation of PV systems SUNNYPORTAL-DEN111912W.pdf
  • Type: Data sheet
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: SUNNYPORTAL-DEN111912
  • Version: 1.2
SUNNY PORTAL - Professional management, monitoring and presentation of PV systems (only for Australien Market) SUNNYPORTAL-DAU102310W.pdf
  • Type: Data sheet
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: SUNNYPORTAL-DAU102310
  • Version: 1.0
WEBCONNECT - Direct data exchange with Sunny Portal and Sunny Places WEBCONNECT-DEN1439W.pdf
  • Type: Data sheet
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: WEBCONNECT-DEN1439
  • Version:

Promotion Material

Monitoring Systems – Product Overview MONSYSPOSTER2-AEN100110.pdf
  • Type: Promotion Material
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: MONSYSPOSTER2-AEN100110
  • Version: 1.0

Installation Guide

Installation Manual - Replacement of SMA Devices in Systems with SMA Communication Products Geraeteaustausch-IA-en-21.pdf
  • Type: Installation Guide
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
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  • Version: 2.1

Technical information

Planning Guidelines for Plant Monitoring PLA-TEN105012.pdf
  • Type: Technical information
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: PLA-TEN105012
  • Version: 1.2
Sunny Portal - A Guide for Schools (only for Australien Market) 130424AUEN_SP_Schools.pdf
  • Type: Technical information
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
  • Number: 130424AUEN_SP_Schools
  • Version: 1.0
Performance ratio - Quality factor for the PV plant Perfratio-TI-en-11.pdf
  • Type: Technical information
  • Language: English (Worldwide)
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  • Version: 1.1
CO2 Factor - Factor for calculating the amount of CO2 avoided in power generation SMix-UEN091910.pdf
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Technical Information - Direct Marketing Interface Direktvermarktung-TI-en-10.pdf
  • Type: Technical information
  • Language: International
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  • Version: 1.0
Technical Information - Plant Communication in Large-Scale PV Power Plants SC-PO-TI-en-34.pdf
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  • Version: 3.4