SMA Solar Technology AG.

Energy that Changes

Our innovative solutions for generating, storing and using renewable energies enable people and companies around the world to increase the independence of their energy supply.

Together with our partners and customers, we have been advancing the energy transition, day by day, for more than 40 years.

Seamless integration

into existing systems

Tailor-made solutions

with high profitability

Durable products

made to the highest quality standards


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"We opted for a PV system, paired with battery storage. That way, we are as independent as we can be from the external electricity supply and also have an emergency power supply. It’s great fun!"

Marek Seeger, homeowner


"For me, the energy transition means ensuring a secure future. I experience this freedom from the grid every time I charge."

Peter Preusse, Managing Director, Audi Centurion, South Africa


"With SMA, we have a reliable and experienced German partner on our side. Together, we have written a piece of energy history. We are a pioneer for the energy transition reliability towards exclusively renewable sources."

Dr. Jörg Niedersberg, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Versorgungsbetriebe Bordesholm GmbH

SMA Home Energy Solution

Energy for your home

Our solution empowers your home and mobility with positive energy. Discover our residential energy solution that guarantees significant cost savings, sustainability, and ease of use. Discover all the reasons to love the sun!

Lower Energy Bills

Experience significant cost savings with the SMA Home Energy Solution.

Modular Design

Upgrade your SMA Home Energy Solution to suit your budget and needs.

Energy Autonomy

Become your own green energy provider with the SMA Home Energy Solution.

Ready to make your home a solar powerhouse?
SMA Commercial Energy Solution

Solar energy for your company

Welcome to your SMA Commercial Energy Solution, where sustainability meets flexibility! Our modular approach ensures every aspect of your energy needs is handled with precision and adaptability.

Work with SMA

Services for PV Installers

SMA provides valuable resources for PV installers and project planners, providing support and fostering partnerships for successful solar projects. Collaborate with SMA to elevate your solar projects. Gain access to cutting-edge technology and support services.

SMA Large Scale Energy Solutions

Next Level Energy

Empower future generations with clean energy and resilient grids. SMA Large Scale and Project Solutions offer trusted expertise in energy solutions, shaping a sustainable world. Choose SMA for tailored, safe solutions, driving a brighter future for all.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Benefit from cybersecurity and technology at the forefront of innovation.

Profitability & Reliability

High performance and reliability providing faster return on investment.


Flexible solutions for all projects ensuring faster time to market.

Unlock the power of large-scale solar projects with SMA
Sustainability at SMA

Shaping a better future

For more than 40 years, SMA solutions have helped make a sustainable, secure and cost-effective energy supply a reality for everyone worldwide. The objective of holistic sustainability in all areas of the company is at the center of our corporate strategy.